Nautila, also known as Nautolan, was the official language spoken by Nautolans, one of the native species of Glee Anselm.

Nautila could only be properly pronounced underwater due to the use of pheromones that were dispersed in the water in addition to spoken sounds. In any other environment, the language lost such a great amount of detail, that Nautolans found it annoying.[1]

To avoid using Nautila out of water, Nautolans learned Basic, if they thought they would travel to other planets of the galaxy. More Glee Anselm-oriented Nautolans learned Anselmian language, the language of their non-amphibious neighbors from Glee Anselm, the Anselmi, instead of Basic. It was unusual to find a trilingual Nautolan, speaking Nautila, Anselmian, and Basic.


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