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"There's an ocean planet… home to Nautolans. Glee Anselm?"
Mace Windu — (audio) Listen (file info)[7]

The Nautolans were a humanoid species from the planet Glee Anselm. They were amphibious, and adapted to survive in harsh environments. Nautolan society was largely peaceful, but they were at odds with the Anselmi, a related species also native to their home planet.

Biology and appearance[]

"I'm Nautolan, a fact of which I'm sure you're both aware. Green skin, big black eyes, what else would I be? What you might not know is that these tentacles of mine let me pick up pheromones from other beings, which I translate into an understanding of their emotional states. That's how I know you two...are terrified."
Captain Finial Bright, to Peeples and Innamin[12]

Zatt, a male Nautolan youngling

Nautolans were amphibious, capable of breathing both air and water.[2] They were known to be capable of surviving in extreme environments.[13] Their skin could be green, blue, gray,[14] purple,[5] orange,[8] or yellow,[7] with red or green blood.[15] One of their most notable features were their large, dark eyes,[11] which were a product of evolution; through these eyes, they could spot details in lightless oceans.[12]

Another notable detail were their long tendrils, which grew from their heads.[11] These tendrils contained highly-sensitive olfactory receptors that were chemical-sensing,[16] and most notably used to detect pheromones,[11] allowing them to perceive expressions of emotion and other subtle changes in the body.[16] Nautolans could translate pheromones emitted by other beings into an understanding of a being's emotional state.[12] These head tresses could be severed, and while they were incapable of growing back, there were minimal long-term effects.[15]

Society and culture[]


A Nautolan technician working a speeder

The Nautolans were known as a peaceful race, and disliked unnecessary violence. However, when forced to fight, they were skilled warriors. They had great respect for what they called the "ocean spirit," which they believed existed to maintain the balance of nature on Glee Anselm. Nautolan society was prosperous, and they were generous in sharing their resources with others.[14] The species was most comfortable underwater, preferring to be immersed in liquid.[10]

The Nautolan language, Nautila, involved the use of pheromones to communicate. These pheromones could be used to convey complex ideas, including full sentences and map coordinates.[11] Nautolans had a cultural tradition moving their faces close together, placing one's cheeks next to another's cheeks, when saying goodbye.[15]


Myth and legend[]


Legend held that the Anselmi empire was destroyed by a storm after they ignored the Nautolans' warnings about upsetting the balance of nature.

According to legend, the Nautolans lived underwater on their home planet of Glee Anselm, with the first members of their species living simply in caves until, over thousands of years, their society spread to encompass large areas of the ocean floor. At first, the Nautolans coexisted peacefully with their neighbors, the Anselmi, but after some time the Anselmi grew jealous of the Nautolans and began to threaten them and encroach upon their territory. In response to this, the Queen of the Nautolans warned the Anselmi that their actions would anger the spirit of the ocean. The Anselmi recognized that continuing to threaten the Nautolans could lead to war, and so they moved out of Glee Anselm's ocean and onto a large landmass.[14]

The Nautolans continued to send ambassadors to the Anselmi, warning them against upsetting the balance of nature, but their representatives were consistently sent away. Eventually, the Anselmi's desire to expand led them to build massive dams to hold back the ocean itself. In the end, that angered the ocean spirit so much that it brought down a storm to destroy the Anselmi empire and submerge it beneath the water. The Nautolans mourned that the Anselmi had not listened to their warnings, and continued to live peacefully, keeping in mind the importance of the natural balance.[14] Unable to breath underwater, the Anselmi were forced to make due on the little land available on Glee Anselm.[17]

Across the stars[]

Having gone beyond their homeworld by the High Republic Era,[15] Nautolans could be found in many places in the galaxy.[17] In the late Republic Era, a war was waged between the Anselmi and Nautolans that the Galactic Republic hoped to put a stop to[18] between 40 BBY and 32 BBY.[19] By 26 BBY,[20] however, Anselmi extremists[21] still displayed hostility towards the Nautolans, referring to them as "gill heads" and swearing that one day they would dominate them.[17]

Nautolans in the galaxy[]

Force crush KoF

A female Nautolan crushes a MagnaGuard.

During the High Republic, the Nautolan named Rix Tegano taught Jedi Initiates sky skimming lessons on the planet of Kondoraan.[22]

During the time of the Galactic Republic, a number of Nautolans were members of the Jedi Order, including Palpatine's slain victim Jedi Master Kit Fisto,[4] the Padawan Knox,[5] and the youngling Zatt.[9] The Trident-class assault ship Nautolan's Revenge shared its name with the species.[23]

Nakano Lash was a prominent Nautolan bounty hunter, working alongside the likes of Boba Fett and Bossk.[24] Fong Do was a male Nautolan bounty hunter who was close friends with Castas.[25] A Nautolan fought alongside Cassian Jeron Andor in the Rebel Alliance,[26] and a Nautolan named Daz Crano piloted a T-70 X-wing starfighter for the Resistance during their war against the First Order.[27]

Caij Vanda was a Nautolan bounty hunter who encountered Cal Kestis.


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