Naval Station Validusia was a space station used to service warships of the Imperial Navy.


The station, orbiting a blue planet somewhere in the Validusia system, was immense, large enough to dock an Assertor-class Star Dreadnought and still have room for other warships, including docking space for at least 8 Imperial-class Star Destroyers, at least 3 Allegiance-class battlecruisers, at least 2 Secutor-class Star Destroyers, at least 2 Bellator-class dreadnoughts and at least 1 Altor-class replenishment ship. Additional craft had to wait nearby before entering the drydocks when room was freed up.[3]

The most notable feature of the station was a tall spire, reaching nearly 17,000 meters in height,[1] from end to end. As its primary function was as a naval servicing station, it included a large amount of fuel tanks throughout the station of various shapes, from large spherical containers to pillshaped containers. Several angled areas and flat beds were also located for docking procedures, and there were at least 17 docking bays, six square shaped and 11 rectangular shaped, for smaller craft and warships.[3] Some of the docking arms were similar in appearance to the docking arms of the Imperial Drydock IV.[4]


This station serviced a variety of warships, from Imperial-class Star Destroyers to Assertor-class Star Dreadnoughts. Several ships that were serviced at the Validusia were also ships of high importance in the Imperial Navy, with TIE/D Defenders deployed around the area when the ships were in need of being serviced.

Behind the scenes

This design was made by Ansel Hsiao for the book The Essential Guide to Warfare. The official dimensions for the design was provided by author Jason Fry on his Tumblr account.[1] Likewise, when questioned about the large amount of TIE/D Defender starfighters at the station and during the Base Delta Zero operation led by the Wrath, Hsiao implied that their presence was because of the strategic importance of the location and the ship/the ship's mission, respectively.[5] There were also various other ships in the picture besides the ones included in the Holocron Continuity Database and the ships from other Expanded Universe works, but they were meant to be filler ships to fill in the background and thus were not included in the Holocron Continuity Database, nor were they given any detailed specifications or background information. According to Hsiao, some of the filler ships were based on the freighters in a comic strip that involved an Imperial resupply convoy that he is currently unable to locate.[6] He later managed to identify the imperial resupply convoy as being the one using the Sanctuary Pipeline to travel materials over to the Second Death Star, also showing an image of an artwork of it from The Essential Atlas.[7] Hsiao cited the inspirations of the docking arms of Validusia as being from Star Wars: X-Wing.[4]


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