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"For too long have we kept to ourselves; for too long have we ignored what is going on out there in the wider galaxy. We have remained content to direct our attention inward, at our own navels."
Gilad Pellaeon, regarding the Imperial Remnant[src]

Aayla Secura's jewel-adorned navel

The navel, or belly button,[1] was a small dent on the abdomen of all mammals whose females generate a placenta in their womb during pregnancy to feed their unborn young. It was the site of the attachment of the umbilical cord while in utero, and is sealed after birth. Navels could be found on the abdomen of Humans, Near-Humans, and some Humanoids.

It was not uncommon for young sentient females in the galaxy to display their bare midriffs and navels in either practical or alluring attire. For example, Human Senator Padmé Amidala wore practical, navel-baring outfits on several occasions: first during a brief trip to Tatooine,[2] and at least one outfit during her free time spent with Anakin Skywalker.[3] Many years later, her daughter Leia Organa was forced to wear a skimpy dancer's costume in the court of Jabba the Hutt which left little of her unexposed to view, displaying her bare stomach, including her navel.[4]

Nyrat Agira displaying her Zealots of Psusan tattoo.

Despite the usual conservative attire of the Jedi Order, many female Jedi also wore navel-baring clothing, going as far back as the Human Nomi Sunrider,[5] well into the final years of the Galactic Republic as with the Twi'lek Aayla Secura[2][6] and Togruta Ahsoka Tano until she was 16,[7] with the Zabrak Maris Brood just prior to the Declaration of Rebellion,[8] and during the era of the New Republic with the Human Tionne Solusar.[9] Some Sith females wore navel-baring attire as well, such as the Twi'lek Darth Talon.[10] Other notable navel-baring women included but weren't limited to Humans Mira,[11] Sinewy Ana Blue,[12] Merri Shen Doshun,[13] Jess,[4] and Silver Fyre,[14] Theelin-Human hybrid Diva Shaliqua,[15] Falleen Savan,[16] and Zeltron Deliah Blue.[10]

For many females, the navel was a site of attention when shown. Tattoos surrounding the navel were used among female Zealots of Psusan, such as Humans Nyrat Agira and Rosha Vess.[2] Human female Khaleen Hentz had a similar tattoo above her navel,[17] though it's unclear as to whether she had ever been a member of the Zealots of Psusan or not. Aayla Secura, though a Jedi Master, had a series of jewels embedded in her own navel during the Clone Wars,[2][6] while Twi'lek Jedi sisters Numa and Alema Rar removed the crystals from their lightsabers and embedded them in their own navels to appear as harmless belly dancers in an attempt to evade the Yuuzhan Vong.[18] Even other females, such as the Cerean Bin-Garda-Zon's daughter and successor, had her navel pierced, as one would an ear.[19]


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