"No! You don't—I was doing what was best for my—people…"

Navi was a male Sephi senator of the Galactic Republic who represented Thustra and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.



Navi being scolded by his uncle

In 22 BBY[2][3], as corruption in the Galactic Senate went along, Navi's uncle, Alaric noticed that his nephew had become narrow-minded and ignorant against the Republic and made a decision to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems under the rule of Count Dooku.[1]

During the Battle of Thustra, Navi and his aide Moje tricked the Republic into attacking the Sephi forces, making them think that they killed Yoda. While attempting to declare to the Republic Senate that Yoda was killed during the Battle of Thustra, he was interrupted by Yoda himself. As a result, Mace Windu ordered he be arrested for crimes against the Republic and conspiracy to commit murder.[1]

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