«Is that your Podracer, or are you selling scrap metal?»
―Navior — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

"Bullseye" Navior was a humanoid alien who competed in Podraces throughout the galaxy in 32 BBY. With a reputation as one of the more honest racers on the course, he piloted a narrow Irateq RQ 550C Dart Podracer, a craft that was known for maneuvering around obstacles that would swiftly destroy larger Podracers. The Dart's burst of speed and agility discouraged the use of dirty tactics, such as sabotage or weapons, to gain an advantage. Navior performed well on the planet Aquilaris, scoring record times on the Sunken City racecourse.


"I see 'Bullseye' Navior's just taken his place on the grid. That's a quick Podracer he's got there."
Troig race announcer Fode Annodue — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Navior was a male member of a wide-eyed humanoid species who received the nickname "Bullseye"[1] due in part to the way his eyes were shaped and colored.[2] Navior competed as a professional Podracer[1] during the year 32 BBY,[3] earning a reputation as one of the more honest pilots on the track. However, despite having partaken in Podraces across the galaxy, Navior was still fairly obscure, even with his high-acceleration, traction-heavy Irateq RQ 550C Dart scoring numerous victories. Nevertheless, Navior gained a small but devoted cult following.[4]

"Bullseye" Navior (front) raced on Tatooine.

Eventually, Navior did come to be considered one of the best pilots in the Outer Rim Territories.[4] The Irateq was acknowledged as one of the more versatile crafts in the sport, and with such a quality vehicle, Navior saw little point in cheating to get ahead.[4] The Irateq was notably fragile, however, and was prone to taking damage. As such, Navior had to rely heavily on his vehicle's handling to avoid any hefty collisions.[1]

Navior and his Podracer achieved notable fame on the watery Outer Rim world of Aquilaris, where he scored numerous victories[1] and was known as a track favorite on many of the planet's courses,[2] including Sunken City. Navior excelled on the Sunken City track, which weaved through underwater tunnels and led into an old, rusted floating city,[1] where Navior scored a record race time of 05:43.010 minutes. Navior also held some fame on the planet Baroonda, where he was the track favorite of a drag course.[5] Sometime before the Boonta Eve Classic in 32 BBY, Navior competed in a race on the desert planet Tatooine against fellow racers Jinn Reeso, Boles Roor, Neva Kee, Ody Mandrell, and Clegg Holdfast. Navior was able to fly ahead of the whole pack and maintain the lead for a time.[4][6]

Personality and traits[]

The Irateq RQ 550C Dart, "Bullseye" Navior's Podracer

"Bullseye" Navior was a brown-skinned humanoid[2] who had large, gaping, yellow eyes and brown–white fur.[1] He was renowned by those who knew him as one of the few honest pilots on the course. Navior saw little point in cheating to gain the upper hand, as his vehicle was more than capable of getting ahead on its own. Navior's racing style attracted a cult following among Podracing fans.[4]


Navior piloted an Irateq RQ 550C Dart, a Podracer notably strong in handling, acceleration, and traction. However, the vehicle was not without its drawbacks, as it only had an average top speed and was very fragile. Although the Dart's engines sported a dull-gray color, the appearance of the craft looked largely unpainted. The front and back of the engines were red, while both engines had a pair of green fins situated on both the top and bottom. The wire-frame cockpit had two red antennae sticking from the top of it. When racing, Navior wore a brown vest and lightly-colored pants, along with a pair of shin guards.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Episode I concept art by Terryl Whitlatch

"Bullseye" Navior was created as a concept Podracer pilot for the 1999 film Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace. Conceptual artist Terryl Whitlatch designed the character during pre-production for inclusion in the film's Podracing sequence, but the character, along with several others, was cut from the film's final version.[7] Navior's Irateq Podracer, however, made it as far as the film's animatic stages.[8]

Navior, along with several other scrapped Podracer pilots, including Fud Sang, Slide Paramita, and Toy Dampner, were instead used for the tie-in video game Star Wars Episode I: Racer. Navior is not available to players at the start of the game and must be unlocked by defeating Navior on his preferred course, Sunken City. Navior's final game design varies little from Whitlatch's original concept art, the biggest difference being the absence of Navior's teeth in the game. Together with Podracer character Dud Bolt, Navior was voiced by David Jeremiah in Episode I Racer.[1]



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