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A species with large wide eyes existed in the galaxy. They were covered in brown fur, and possessed short beaks, a single antennae, and a tail. They had short legs with two toes on each foot. The Podracer pilot "Bullseye" Navior was a member of this species, and his nickname of "Bullseye" was actually derived from his large, gaping eyes.

Behind the scenesEdit

The species was originally created during the pre-production phase of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, a film that was released during 1999. Detailed concept art was drawn by Terryl Whitlatch, but the character was cut from the film. The design was later reused for the character "Bullseye" Navior in the 1999 video game Star Wars: Episode I Racer, which brought the species into canon for the first time.



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