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"Already headed for the shore. See if you slugs can keep up."
"Wait, Oleg—we advance as a unit, remember? Pandak?"
―Oleg and Leonis; Oleg displayed an aversion towards teamwork[1]

Nazhros Oleg was a cadet in Lothal's Academy for Young Imperials. He was assigned to squad LRC077, and was a member of Unit Aurek. Selfish and competitive, Oleg was unable to see the benefits of teamwork, often causing him to butt heads with his teammates. He had a fierce rivalry with cadet Zare Leonis, a member of his unit who was secretly an undercover rebel.


Early life[]

"Why did your folks come to Lothal?"
"They didn't—they're dead."
"I'm sorry. My dad died a couple of years ago."
―Jai Kell and Nazhros Oleg[1]

A male human, Nazhros Oleg was born on the planet Eufornis Minor, a remote world located within the Outer Rim Territories. After the deaths of both his parents, he was raised by his two uncles, who were freight haulers. After learning of new business opportunities provided by Imperial investments on the planet Lothal, his uncles relocated there, bringing an unhappy Oleg along with them.[1]

Joining the Imperial Academy[]

"My uncles are frieght haulers out of Eufornis. Import this, export that. They heard about the Empire's investments here and decided to pack up and move."
"Makes sense. A lot of new folks have come here in the last few years, looking for opportunities."
"Good for them—this is the only opportunity I need. Once I make one of the senior academies I'm never coming back to this miserable dirtball again."
―Nazhros and Jai[1]

Hating life on Lothal and wishing to serve the Empire, Nazhros applied to become an cadet at the planet's Academy for Young Imperials, hoping to get shipped off-world after graduation to attend a senior academy. Oleg was accepted and assigned to squad LRC077. He was a member of Unit Aurek, which included fellow cadets Jai Kell, Zare Leonis, and Pandak Symes. During the initial two-week orientation, Oleg quickly developed a reputation as a bully and regularly picked on Symes, whom he despised as a weakling. Oleg also disliked Zare, a fair-minded cadet who had secretly infiltrated the Academy in order to find his missing sister Dhara Leonis, who had disappeared the previous year.[1]

During one morning drill, Oleg smirked at Symes when Sergeant Currahee was dressing the latter down. In response, Currahee punished the entire squad by ordering a locker inspection. After inspecting Oleg's locker, she confiscated his flimsi as contraband and issued Unit Aurek three demerits. Following a drill run on the Easthills, Oleg attempted to force Symes to give him his fruit bar and taunted him by telling him that he was going home. Zare came to Symes' defense and slapped Oleg's fork out of his hand. When Oleg threatened Zare publicly in the mess hall, Lieutenant Chiron issued him with two demerits and ordered him to sit down.[1]

Basic training[]

"You only made it by five minutes. You endangered our mission by playing babysitter."
"We had time, Oleg. We're stronger with four—when are you going to learn that?"
―Oleg arguing with Zare over the value of teamwork[1]

During his time at the Academy for Young Imperials, Nazhros was disliked by his fellow Unit Aurek members due to his selfish and mean-spirited streak. Following their two-week orientation, Oleg and his fellow cadets were issued with white cadet helmets and ordered to keep them on all day except for breaks. Unfamiliar with operating the helmet's audio pickups, Oleg muttered that if he had wanted to study math, he would have stayed at home. However, his remark was heard by Lieutenant Chiron who lectured him that the speakers in his helmet had no volume setting. He then issued the cadet with a demerit.[1]

Several days later, Oleg and the rest of Unit Aurek participated in a military exercise that involved them deploying from a Sentinel-class landing craft into a lake. After disembarking, the cadets had to reassemble their E-11 medium blaster rifles and head to a new rendezvous point on foot within the hour. When Zare stopped to help Symes, Oleg taunted Zare for being a "babysitter." Leonis then responded that they were better off as a unit of four. They then participated on an obstacle course which involved them running through broken terrain while Imperial troops fired on them with blasters on trainer setting.[1]

When Oleg demanded the right to lead Unit Aurek, the other three members voted for Zare. When Leonis ordered his squad to advance in file formation to avoid being detected by the snipers, Oleg dismissed it as a dumb plan. While crawling to their rendezvous point, Pandak sustained a nervous breakdown. While Oleg demanded that they moved on, Zare insisted on helping their fellow comrade. Later, Zare reluctantly joined Oleg and Kell as they proceeded forward only to be intercepted by a trainer. Following the exercise, Pandak volunteered to leave the Academy. To prove that he had been right about Pandak, Oleg lay in the former cadet's bunk. After learning that Unit Aurek would be receiving a transfer trainee, Oleg vowed to bully the new recruit.[1]

Having survived the first field exercises, Oleg and the other remaining cadets embarked on a series of exercises around the Well, a large training pit that was programmed with many different obstacles and challenges. Their first training exercise involved the cadets climbing onto a structure called the Pillar. During the exercise, Oleg displayed his selfish streak when he refused to work with his fellow squad members. With much difficulty, Oleg and Zare managed to scale the Pillar but were beaten by Cadets de Grom, Wheeler, and Jai Kell. These trainees were rewarded with an extra dessert ration and a free period. Oleg's aversion towards teamwork put him at odds with the other cadets, particularly Zare and Jai. During a second training session, Oleg took advantage of Zare and Jai's efforts to help him by beating them to reaching the top of the Pillar. On a third occasion, Oleg complained about being paired with another cadet named Lomus. As punishment, Sergeant Currahee issued him two demerits.[1]


"What are you doing?"
―Oleg, before being stunned by Jai[3]

Nazhros Oleg took an instant dislike to Unit Aurek's new transfer cadet Dev Morgan, whom he derided as a "moisture farmer."[1] Unknown to Oleg and his fellow cadets, Morgan was a pseudonym for the young Force-sensitive rebel Ezra Bridger, who was part of a rebel cell led by the former Padawan Kanan Jarrus and the Twi'lek captain Hera Syndulla. Morgan was on a mission to steal a decoder for Kanan and Hera, so that they could intercept an Imperial cruiser said to house a massive Kyber crystal.[3]

Shortly after Dev's arrival, Sergeant Currahee informed the cadets that the Academy's Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko would be supervising them for a week-long series of assessments that would test their physical and combat abilities. During these assessments, Oleg and his fellow cadets were lowered into the Well and ordered to race each other to the top using floating repulsorlifts. The first three cadets would be rewarded by being allowed to work at the Imperial Headquarters while the losers would have to serve Taskmaster Myles Grint. During the first exercise, Oleg tried to sabotage Ezra and Jai, Ezra, using The Force, sensed Oleg, moving Jai and himself away from the path of Oleg. While Ezra and Jai completed the course, Oleg had not finished in the top three, making his hatred toward Ezra even more severe.[3]

For their last training session, the first three cadets to finish were to be able to pilot an AT-DP with the help of an Imperial combat driver. Oleg, determined to take Ezra and Jai out of the running, made sure to shoot at the two friends if they were ever ahead of him. However, Ezra and Jai had made a truce with Zare Leonis. To add to that, Ezra found out that the Grand Inquisitor was to take Ezra and Jai into custody; because they passed the first two trials, they were identified as Force-sensitive. Unbeknownst to this, Oleg inadvertently helped Jai escape the Inquisitor for a time, because when the final trial began, Oleg began firing at Ezra and Jai, who were already close to the top. After moving Jai away from the bolts, Ezra pushed Jai off the platform so that he would not have to face custody. Because of this, Oleg finished in the top three, along with Zare and Ezra.[3]

During the third training session, he, along with Jai and Zare finished first, and were able to pilot the AT-DP. During the rebel attack on the academy, Jai stunned the pilot to gain control over the walker, and also stunned Oleg when he tried to intervene with the plan. This attack enabled Dev and Jai to escape with their rebel companions, who were waiting outside the Academy in a landspeeder. However, Zare opted to stay behind in order to find his sister Dhara. To maintain the ruse that he was a loyal Imperial citizen, Leonis pretended to fire on the rebels and was given a commendation for his efforts.[3] While the Imperial authorities believed Leonis' story, Oleg was the only one who knew that he was a "traitor" who was working with the rebels. Consequently, Oleg's relations with Cadet Leonis grew even more strained and hostile.[4]

Enforcing Imperial justice[]

"You're just a couple of kids."
"We are Imperial cadets, acting on behalf of Governor Pryce. You're in violation of the law. I might allow you a grace period, but you have to give me something in return."
―A civilian and Oleg; Oleg was known to flout and abuse his powers[4]

As Oleg's training at the Imperial Academy continued, the young cadet grew more aggressive and trigger-happy. An Imperial Captain named Piers Roddance took charge of the cadets' training, which had progressed to live-fire exercises. One of Captain Roddance's training sessions involved the cadets advancing on a position, held by a low-value target—aging droids that were scheduled to be decommissioned. During the training exercise, Oleg taunted Leonis for his reluctance to destroy droids. When Unit Aurek took a decommissioned nanny droid into custody, Oleg without provocation fired upon the droid with his blaster; effectively destroying it. While Leonis was disgusted with Oleg's lust for violence, Captain Roddance praised the cadet for saving him the trouble of issuing a disassembly order.[4]

After Commandant Aresko announced that the Academy would be screening its cadets for potential traitors in light of the growing insurgency on Lothal, Oleg taunted Leonis by telling that the Empire would now find out about his "secret." On one occasion, Oleg provoked a fight with Zare by taunting him about his sister. During the fight, Zare gave Oleg a bruised eye and a bleeding nose. When Sergeant Currahee arrived in their barracks to investigate the commotion, Oleg attempted to get Leonis into trouble by claiming that the latter had attacked him. However, the other cadets including Kabak and Rykoff refused to back him up and claimed that Oleg had slipped. Even Currahee was unsympathetic and remarked that he had slipped on his own tongue. After Currahee had departed, Oleg warned Leonis that he knew where his true leanings lay.[4]

During the winter break, the Imperial authorities launched a crackdown. When Oleg returned from the winter break, Captain Roddance assembled the cadets and informed them that all training exercises had been terminated in favor of fieldwork. The cadets were tasked with helping the Imperial authorities to enforce law and order on Lothal by taking part in street patrols. Roddance also informed the cadets that civilians questioning the need for Imperial operations was a violation of Imperial law that needed to be recorded and reported. In an attempt to trap Cadet Leonis in the act of breaking Imperial law, Captain Roddance had personally arranged for Oleg to be paired up with Leonis much to the dismay of the two boys, who loathed each other.[4]

On one such street patrol, Oleg reluctantly acquiesced to the two cadets taking turns to question local residents in Capital City. The two boys also argued about lowering their faceplates. While Oleg argued that people would not respect kids, Leonis countered that people would trust them better if they could see their faces. The two cadets visited a Sullustan household. When Zare allowed the mother to finish serving breakfast before attending to them, Oleg complained that the woman was treating them like salesmen. When the Sullustan woman came out, Zare politely introduced himself and Cadet Oleg and asked her whether she knew about any illegal activities occurring in her neighborhood. When the woman reported that her neighborhood was a quiet block and that her neighbors seemed "good enough," Leonis politely thanked her for her time and left.[4]

Oleg openly criticized Cadet Leonis' methods and insisted on doing things his "own way" when they searched the second house. The second home was occupied by a family where the father worked for Sienar Fleet Systems. Abusing his powers, Oleg treated the man harshly and reprimanded the man for not registering his wife and son, who also worked for Sienar Fleet Systems. He threatened to report the man for this minor discretion unless the man supplied him with information about treasonous activities in his neighborhood. In his view, any criticism or questioning of the Empire's policies was tantamount to treason. When pressed by Oleg, the man reported that there was a bar nearby whose barrels of ebla did not have tax stamps. Oleg released the man after issuing a warning that the Empire would check on his family's registrations.[4]

When Cadet Leonis confronted Oleg about his bullish methods, Oleg argued that the man was breaking the law. He also asserted that his methods were successful since he had uncovered a tax violation and three possibly "treasonous" statements. Oleg claimed that the Empire was interested in results. When Cadet Oleg reported his findings to Captain Roddance and Lieutenant Chiron, Roddance praised Oleg's bullish methods for obtaining results. When Chiron expressed concerns that the Lothalian people were still unfamiliar with the Empire's tax policies, Roddance sprang to Oleg's defense by insinuating that the Lieutenant was condoning tax evasion. Oleg was also present when Leonis expressed concerns about the harsh and punitive nature of the Empire's enforcement policies, which earned the latter a rebuke from Captain Roddance. The Captain then reminded the assembled cadets that the Empire expected absolute loyalty to Emperor Palpatine and unquestioned devotion to the Imperial cause.[4]

Criminal "associations"[]

"Um, there's been a mistake. Release these two. Cadet Leonis, reseal that barrel."
"You have your orders. These men [Nazhros Oleg's uncles] have broken Imperial law. Take them into custody. And, Cadet Oleg? You've relieved of duty."
―Oleg and Leonis; Zare catches Oleg in the act of trying to pervert the course of justice[4]

While Nazhros Oleg professed devotion to the Empire, he also relished the opportunity to use his new-found powers as an Imperial Cadet to push people around. On the second day of the Imperial crackdown, Cadet Oleg and Cadet Leonis participated in an Imperial operation which involved placing the children of fugitives into protective custody in an attempt to force the fugitives to surrender themselves to the authorities. While the children were frightened and their guardians were frantic, most of the subjects cooperated. However, the Imperials were forced to arrest a few of the guardians who had resisted. During the operation, Oleg had insisted on keeping his faceplate down while issuing orders. By contrast, Leonis had tried a more gentler approach by allowing the children to play with his helmet and to take turns riding an Imperial Troop Transport. This incident only served to widen the gulf between the two cadets.[4]

Later, Supply Master Yogar Lyste received intelligence that a group of smugglers were stockpiling goods at a warehouse in Capital City. Captain Roddance had assigned Cadet Oleg to lead a squad of stormtroopers in the raid while Cadet Leonis was tasked with assisting him. Roddance had placed Oleg in charge of the mission as a reward for his ruthless methods, which he regarded as hallmarks of a good Imperial officer. When Zare asked whether the smuggled goods were dangerous, Oleg lectured that they were serving a "fair system" where everyone was equal before the law without any fear or favor. Leonis shot back that Captain Roddance couldn't have said it better himself, hoping to rattle Oleg by showing that he was aware that Roddance was monitoring their communications.[4]

They proceeded with their operation and found that, as suspected, none of the goods in the warehouse possessed the required tax stamps. Oleg ordered the arrest of everyone within, only to receive a sudden shock. Two of men within the warehouse were, in fact, his uncles. Upon seeing this, he said there was a mistake and ordered the stormtroopers to release them and to reseal their barrel. Confused, they turned to Zare Leonis, who lowered his faceplate and issued an order of his own. He told them the men, having broken Imperial law, were to be taken into custody, and relieved Oleg of his duty. By attempting to protect his uncles from prosecution, Oleg had broken Imperial law and was expelled from the Imperial Academy, ending his dreams of leaving Lothal and advancing through the ranks of the Imperial Military.[4]


"You wanted an Empire of blind obedience to the law, without fear or favor. Remember? And you got your reward."
―Zare taunting Oleg about his life choices[4]

Following the customs compliance raid, Oleg was expelled from the Academy and returned to the streets of Capital City. Captain Roddance was personally disappointed that his favorite cadet had failed the test by associating with lawbreakers. In his view, the Empire had not room for liars or traitors since lying and treason were the same thing. When Cadet Leonis attempted to defend his former tormentor by suggesting that Oleg was unaware of his uncles' illegal activities, Roddance was unmoved and argued that Oleg's criminal associations were a weakness that the Empire's enemies would have eventually exploited. He even regarded compassion as a sign of weakness. As a supposed reward for Zare's devotion to the Empire, Cadet Leonis was reassigned to the Arkanis Academy immediately. Unknown to Leonis, this was a trap meant to uncover his own anti-Imperial activities.[4]

Later, Oleg chanced upon Zare meeting with Dev Morgan, the former cadet who was actually a rebel cell member. While hiding under a barrel, Oleg watched as Leonis informed Dev that Agent Kallus was planning a major operation at the Lothal City Capitol Building. Zare also told Morgan that he was being assigned offworld. Before Dev could tell Zare his real name, the two were interrupted by a stormtrooper patrol. Dev fled and elbowed Leonis in the chest. Zare then claimed that he had caught Dev selling black-market goods and stayed behind while the stormtroopers pursued Dev. Once the stormtroopers had left, Oleg revealed himself and denounced Zare as a traitor.[4]

In response, Leonis retorted that Oleg was a "washout cadet" and that nobody would believe him. Enraged, Oleg flung himself at Leonis, who ducked over and flung him over his shoulders. Oleg landed on his back and attempted to attack Leonis. However, Zare caught him by the neck and flung him against a building. Oleg attempted to free himself but was unable to break Leonis' grip. Zare then told Oleg that he had created his own predicament and warned him that he would not be so fortunate if they met again. Leonis released Oleg and the disgraced former cadet fled into the night. When a Stormtrooper Commander approached the scene of the fight, Leonis informed him that there were criminals in the market place and recommended that he launch a full sweep.[4]

Personality and traits[]

"Give me your fruit bar, Symes—you're not going to need it. Because you're going home. Because you can't cut it."
―Nazhros Oleg developed a reputation among his peers as a bully[1]

Nazhros Oleg was a brash and hot-headed young man who viewed the Academy for Young Imperials as a ticket to a better life. He disliked the planet Lothal which he regarded as a primitive dirtball and yearned for the opportunity to go offworld. During his time at the Imperial Academy, Oleg displayed a selfish streak through his disregard for teamwork and his efforts to pick on the other cadets. His arrogant attitude and overly competitive behavior earned him the dislike of many of his fellow cadets, particularly Zare Leonis.[1] Oleg did not accept failure lightly and was once visibly agitated when he failed to come first during a training exercise in the Well.[3]

As an opportunist, Nazhros Oleg sought every opportunity to expose Zare Leonis' disloyalty to the Empire, but his efforts were in vain due to the latter's successful efforts to maintain the façade that he was a loyal model cadet. On more than one occasion, Oleg was involved in physical fights with Leonis but was unable to match his fellow cadet's strength and combat prowess. While serving the Empire, Oleg took every opportunity to flout his new-found powers by bullying Imperial citizens in the name of obtaining results. While Oleg prided himself as an enforcer of Imperial justice, he failed to live up to the Empire's standards when he discovered that his uncles were involved in smuggling unstamped goods. When confronted with that situation, Oleg displayed favoritism towards his relatives by attempting in vain to shield them from justice. Following his expulsion from the Academy, Oleg harbored much anger, hatred, and bitterness towards Leonis for destroying his career ambitions. Oleg was further embittered that the disloyal cadet had apparently escaped justice.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Nazhros Oleg first appeared as a minor antagonist in the Star Wars Rebels episode "Breaking Ranks," which first premiered on October 27, 2014. His character was voiced by Eric Lopez. Oleg's backstory and character development were both further explored in two of Jason Fry's novels Rebel in the Ranks and Imperial Justice, which were part of the tie-in young adult series Servants of the Empire; which is set in the same universe as Star Wars Rebels but focuses primarily on Zare Leonis' story.

In his blog on Tumblr, Jason Fry's Dorkery, author Jason Fry stated that he neither knows nor considers important what happened to Oleg past the events of the series, as he has "no character arc," being a "little jerk" throughout the series. He conjectured, however, that Oleg might have lived a mean existence as a brutal Capital City cop, robbed of his chance for Imperial glory.[5]



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