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The near-human crime lord Dryden Vos

Near-humans was a term used to refer to species that were physically similar to, but still distinct from baseline humans. The Tarkin family of the planet Eriadu employed a near-human servant named Nomma at their family home during the childhood of Wilhuff Tarkin.[1] Dryden Vos was a near-human leader, and public face of the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate.[2] Shortly after the destruction of the planet Alderaan, a number of near-humans lived in a fugitive camp built in the junkyards of Level 1782 on the planet Coruscant.[3] Near-human species included: the Zabraks,[4] the Kiffar, the Uugteen,[5] the Mirialans,[6] the Umbarans,[7] the Koorivar,[1] the Chiss,[8] the Kage,[9] the Twi'leks, and the Pantorans.[10]

Certain near-human species, such as Twi'leks, were able to reproduce with humans, producing hybrid offspring.[11]

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