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The Nebula Front was a resistance group headquartered on Asmeru with members from along the Rimma Trade Route— particularly from Outer Rim end. Its emblem was a blue line with arrows on each end.


The Nebula Front organization could have been described—depending on one's point of view—as terrorists or freedom fighters. Its membership was mainly comprised of beings living along the Rimma Trade Route, especially from its Outer Rim end—and at least several among the Front's leadership had been involved in the Stark Hyperspace War. Headquartered on Asmeru, many of the Front's leaders—especially those of its the militant wing—were referred to as "Havac."

The Front was an organization opposing the de facto monopolies and government control exercised by large corporate conglomerates along the Outer Rim, most notably the Trade Federation. The Front's view of the complacent Old Republic was scarcely, if at all, better. As such, numerous oppressed beings chafing under harsh conditions imposed by the Federation and its crony governments and corporations viewed the Front with sympathy or clandestine support.

Said governments and corporations were somewhat less tolerant of the Front's actions, and so any progress it made was limited. However, no matter how hopeless their cause seemed, the Front refused to deal with any organizations that were involved with spice smuggling or slavery, and always attempted to maintain their disruptions as peaceful acts of civil disobedience.

At one point a member of the Valorum political dynasty had an opportunity to destroy the Nebula Front, but only chastised them, an act Palpatine considered ironic given the ramifications it had on his son's term as Supreme Chancellor.[1]

The failure of such acts and noble paths to make any effect led, in 33 BBY, to the development of a militant wing lead by two of the Front's leaders, Eru Matalis and Cindar. They contracted noted Mirialan mercenary Arwen Cohl to attack a Trade Federation ship. The subsequent Dorvalla Incident was the first major victory of the Front, providing them not only with much publicity, but also enough stolen aurodium to fund an attempted assassination of Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum.[1]

Unfortunately for them, it also attracted the notice of the Jedi Council, who sent Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi in response (both happened to be present at Dorvalla). Although the two were unable to prevent the Front's assassination of the Trade Federation Directorate at the Eriadu Trade Summit, they were able to kill or arrest the Front's leaders, thus essentially crippling the organization.[1]

However, following the Clone Wars, the organization managed to kidnap Shella Motti.

Behind the scenes[]

The Nebula Front was represented by a miniature in the Scum & Villainy expansion of the Star Wars PocketModel TCG. The squadrons represented by miniatures labeled "Nebula Front" and "Nebula Elite" established the insignia of the organization with the blue arrow markings on the units' wings.[2]



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