The Nediji were a species of bird-like sentients that were distinguished by a stubby, keratinous beak and skin that was covered in light, azure-colored down. They stood about 1.5 meters tall, had hollow bones, and had excellent long-range vision, which extended into infrared, ultraviolet, and beyond, and was capable of scanning up-and-down and side-to-side simultaneously. Their homeworld was the outlying world of Nedij, where their traditional prey, the rath-scurrier, were found on the hillsides. They also preyed on a species of humanoids native to Nedij. Nediji were extremely fast and appeared to be very adept at disguises, and they exuded a peculiar but pleasant odor. They were excellent at making surgical strikes. Only those who had forsaken the fellowship of their home nest ever left Nedij, resulting in the species having little contact with the rest of the galaxy. Their collective society was called the Flock. They worshiped the Cosmic Egg. The planet itself was very insular, being one of the more remote worlds on the eastern arm of the galaxy. During the Clone Wars, the criminal organization Black Sun employed a Nediji operative named Kaird.



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