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"That one looks hungry!"
"Nah, he's just smiling at you."
Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker, dodging Neebrays in the Kaliida Nebula[src]

Neebray were flying, limbless creatures which varied greatly in size and habitat. They could be found on many worlds, such as Rugosa, Rishi moon, Tatooine (where they sometimes circled over Jabba's Palace), and even in space, notably in the Kaliida Nebula along the Balmorra Run.[1]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Giant neebray mantas in the Kaliida Nebula

On the moon Rugosa, tiny baby neebray flew among the coral forests of the moon's long dried-up ocean beds as a stop along their interstellar voyage.[4] A moderately large variety had translucent wings, and could be found on a Rishi moon. The gigantic neebray manta lived in the vacuum of space, feeding on stellar gases. They used the Kaliida Nebula as nesting grounds. They also used Veil Nebula as feeding ground,[6] feeding on its stellar gases.[7]

History[edit | edit source]

During the Clone Wars, Shadow Squadron encountered a flock of neebray mantas while navigating the Balmorra Run on their way through the Kaliida Nebula. A brush with one caused one of Matchstick's engine stabilizers to give out. This crippling would cause Matchstick and Tag's deaths during the Battle of the Kaliida Nebula. A brush with another neebray caused another pilot's astromech droid's dome to be knocked off, destroying it.[4]

Tofen Vane and his raiders hid their base in the Veil Nebula. When the Republic attacked the base Vane and his raiders used a transmission to make the Neebray attack the Republic ships.[6]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

A neebray on Rishi moon.

At least three separate neebray breeds were based on the neebray manta model, and do not necessarily all have to be neebray manta.[3]

Similar creatures included the Thranta and Oswaft.

Plo Koon mispronounced the name as "NEH-bray man-ta" in Shadow of Malevolence.

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