Needle starfighters were long-distance weapons with hyperspace rendezvous capabilities produced by Loronar Corporation.


They utilized CCIR technology, enabling them to be centrally controlled and therefore be very small due to the absence of a pilot and computing systems. They were essentially robotic cylinders armed with laser cannons, which was amazing considering their small size. Their size made them hard for sensors to detect, while they were painted black to prevent visual detection. They were powered by Tsils. Bith-made miniature hyperdrives were provided by Seifax, who also built the tiny hulls.


These starfighters operated in swarms and were fully capable of slowly demolishing much larger capital ships, even Star Destroyers, as the batteries of these vessels could not target the tiny vessels. Even starfighters had difficulty targeting the small, fast needles. However, all known vessels were disabled when Luke Skywalker caused the return of all the tsils that controlled the CCIR technology essential for running the Needles to Nam Chorios.



Loronar starship classes
B-7 light freighter · Field Secured Container Vessel
Loronar medium transport
MOD-17 container freighter · Ycaqt droid cargo ship
Patrol ships
Regulator X-Q2 System Patrol Cruiser · X-Q1 patrol craft
YQ-400 Monitor droid patrol ship
Scout ships
"Out System" Scout Vessel · SkyBlind
Far*Reach IV PQR
Needle fighter
Crusader XX-777 prototype droid frigate
Belarus-class medium cruiser · Strike-class medium cruiser
Torpedo Sphere
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