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A needler was a type of pistol designed to penetrate personal energy shields by firing a sharp, tiny dart. The dart could also be laced with contact poison, delivering the poison to its targets.[2] The NX-14 was a popular model.

A needler cost 650 credits and weighed 1 kilogram. The needler required an ammunition clip which cost 20 credits and weighed 0.1 kilograms. After 10 shots, the clip must be replaced.[2]

Narsk Ka'hane, a Bothan spy, carried a needler with him, which was ideal for spy missions as it did not make the loud noise of a blaster. Narsk was able to switch the setting on his needler to fire acid-filled darts or pulse-wave darts. Narsk used this weapon during his initial encounter with Jedi Knight Kerra Holt at the Daimanate Dynamic Testing Facility without success.[3]

The Galactic Empire's E522 assassin droid possessed a neurological needler among its formidable arsenal.[4]

Imperial spy Tanya Madera used this weapon to administer the deadly triflexia virus to both Chief Technician Adonar Dellox and one of the X-wing pilots on Reginard Base. She later used the weapon to defend herself against a group of Rebels, though she had only five shots left.

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