"Look, Mama, the neeks are dancing."
"Be careful, Little Gem. Those neeks have sharp teeth."
Vima and Nomi Sunrider — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Neeks were reptilian herbivores, averaging at about thirty centimeters in height, indigenous to the planet Ambria. They were non-sentient, and could often be seen congregating in flocks of about half a dozen, banding together for protection against the larger, carnivorous creatures, such as the Hssiss.[1] Neeks served largely as food for these animals, though they did have an effective defense mechanism in the form of their lack of long amounts of sleep. They needed only two or so hours of sleep per day, allowing them to replenish their strength in shifts.[2] Although they were generally pleasant creatures, neeks were known to be extremely paranoid and scatty,[1] though this was also used to other's advantage: they were often used by scouts and explorers when venturing into new territories. The neeks would become jittery at the first sign of danger, as their visual and aural sense were far more attuned than most sentient species in the galaxy.[2] Over time, the neeks developed an immunity to the dark side of the Force, due to them living in close proximity to the dark side nexus that was Lake Natth.[3]

Neeks had a unique skeletal structure, and unlike most reptiles, walked on their hind legs, with smaller forelegs used as arms. They had small fingers used to pull up roots and vegetation, and had a large tail which gave them an extraordinary sense of balance.[1] Gray in color,[4] they could run over sixty kilometers an hour.[1] Vima Sunrider used to play with them during her time on Ambria, and once chased them to the edge of Lake Natth. Her mother Nomi, however, used the Force to make the two beasts attack each other, and took her daughter to safety.[4] As a test, Darth Bane had his apprentice Darth Zannah tame a wild neek. After she successfully tamed and brought the little creature back to their camp, Bane used the Force to snap its neck and had her drop it in a pot of bubbling stew.[3]



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