"Neeku's Reward" is an animated short that is part of the first season of Star Wars Resistance. It was released on the Disney Channel's YouTube channel on December 10, 2018, and is the third of twelve shorts.[3]

Official description[]

Neeku's food gets away from him in the marketplace![1]

Plot summary[]

In the Colossus marketplace, Jarek Yeager tells Neeku Vozo that since he's been working hard lately, lunch is on him, and he can get whatever he wants. Neeku decides he wants a gorg, and heads off to Bolza Grool's stand. He picks out a blue gorg, the last in the tank to submerge, and Grool pulls it out and puts it in a container, which he hands to Neeku. The gorg swiftly pops the lid off, and it briefly tries to escape, but Neeku catches it with his hands. He starts to carry it off, but the gorg gets loose again, and runs rampant through the marketplace, as Neeku, Yeager and BB-8 stand watching. When the gorg returns, Neeku decides he's changed his mind, and goes off to order a bantha milk. Grool irately throws the gorg back into the tank, and as they follow, BB-8 beeps to Yeager, who agrees that he could just have gotten a droid.



Notes and references[]

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