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[[Category:Xappyh sector planets]]
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"We'll be disassembled, cannibalized for scrap, sent to the sandmines of Neelgaimon or the orbital factories around Ryloon!"

Neelgaimon was a hot, drought-ridden planet in the Xappyh sector of the Outer Rim Territories.


The planet was famous for its hazardous sandmines, the planet's main industry, which were developed and maintained by slave and droid labor. It was still an Imperial world by 12 ABY.

Han Solo visited Neelgaimon once.

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Behind the scenes

The name of the planet Neelgaimon was created by Barbara Hambly as an in-joke, modifying The Sandman writer's name Neil Gaiman, and "Sandman" to "sandmine." Hambly also modified Gaiman's name to create the character Gayman Neeloid in her novel Planet of Twilight. Hambly would later go to write one of the stories for The Sandman: Book of Dreams.[source?]



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