Neema-Da-Boda was the daughter of Jedi Knight Vima-Da-Boda and the descendant of Andur and Nomi Sunrider.


Being Force-sensitive, Neema began to train as a Jedi under her mother. But like many students, Neema became frustrated with the slow, careful style her mother had taken to using with her. Over time, Neema was consumed by the dark side and she left her mother behind. She joined a group of other rebellious students, and eventually became the mistress of an Ottethan warlord.[1]

Years later, after Neema had been imprisoned in an oubliette by her husband, she reached out through the Force, begging for her mother to come and help her. Vima was too late to save her daughter, who was fed to rancors by her husband, and killed him in revenge.[1]



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