"Strength is overrated. It's better to strike first than hardest."

Lord Nefarid was a Human male Sith Lord of the reconstituted Sith Empire during the Cold War. He was one of the apprentices of the ruthless Darth Angral.


"What you're doing is twisted, even for Sith."
"I enjoy life's simple pleasures. Don't judge me."
―The Knight and Nefarid[src]

During the Cold War, Nefarid was in holoconference with his master and fellow apprentices as his Master Darth Angral's son, Tarnis, armed the Republic's Planet Prison to entrap Coruscant. However, Tarnis was interrupted and killed by a Jedi Knight, whom Angral swore revenge upon. Nefarid added that they also control the Republic secret weapon projects for Angral to enact his revenge.

Upon learning of fellow apprentice Sadic's death on Nar Shaddaa, Nefarid sent a message to the Knight congratulating the Jedi on defeating Sadic, thanking the Knight for eliminating one of his rivals for Angral's favor.[2]

Nefarid journeyed to Alderaan, serving as an adviser to House Thul. He attacked the research facility where the Death Mark laser controls were being held. Despite Jedi Master Orgus Din's best efforts, the Sith Lord managed to steal the equipment and trapped the Jedi within the facility. With aid of his spy Aleyna Hark, Nefarid tagged and killed whomever he wished. When the Jedi Knight arrived, Nefarid killed Count Alde, the Death Mark laser's financier, forcing the Jedi to race to Din's location. The Knight then started deactivating the generators powering the Death Mark laser to take the laser offline temporarily. When the Knight started with the primary generator, Nefarid called via holo, mocking the Knight's efforts by killing an innocent farm girl before the Knight reached the backup generator.

Nefarid's next target was Duke Horis Thul, an advocate of peace talks, forcing the Jedi to storm his compound to warn him. Despite the initial success, Aleyna managed to tag both Thul and the Knight. However, Thul gave the Knight Nefarid's location. Upon arriving, Nefarid showed the Knight a hologram of Angral executing Din to demoralize his opponent. He then emerged from the shadows and engaged the Knight with his double-bladed lightsaber, all the while using the Death Mark laser on his opponent. Only the Knight's skill and use of the Force enabled the Jedi to evade the laser while killing Nefarid.



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