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"The detention block is closed to visitors. Move along."
―A Neimoidian guard, to Ahsoka Tano and Riyo Chuchi[src]

Neimoidian guards,[5] also known as Neimoidian soldiers,[1] were Neimoidians who served aboard Trade Federation starships and in Confederacy military installations during the Clone Wars.


Neimoidian guards were stationed on board the Trade Federation's command ship during the Blockade of Pantora. Some of them were given their own offices aboard the vessel.[2]

Several of these guards were present at a mining complex on Mustafar protecting the Separatist Council. However, when Sith Lord Darth Vader arrived under orders from his Sith Master, Darth Sidious, to dispose of the Separatist Council, the Sith apprentice slew all present.[3]

In 34 ABY, Lor San Tekka travelled to Cato Neimoidia and entered the Palace of Baron Paw Maccon, disguised as a visitor on a guided tour. However, after finding the Kazerath device which he sought he was arrested by Neimoidian guards.[4]

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