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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from "The Lost Stories, Part 3". Caution is advised.

"Will you just look at this place! Who in their right mind would build a library here?"
"Well, according to the records, it used to be a paradise world before it was torched by the raiders."
―CR-8R and Emil Graf[src]

Nelgenam was a planet home to the ancient Lost Library of Nelgenam. Centuries prior to 35 ABY, Nelgenam was a paradise world, hosting many visitors from across the galaxy. However, the planet was eventually torched by Nihil raiders, and was left a desolate wasteland, with the library falling into ruin.

The cartographer Emil Graf managed to recover Nelgenam's coordinates from the First Order, and ventured to the planet to investigate the library. On Nelgenam, Graf encountered a Tarinna, a member of a species that fed on memories. The Tarinna tried to feed off of the many tales Graf had heard, but was defeated with the help of the cartographer's companions.


Nelgenam was a terrestrial planet with a breathable atmosphere,[2] orbited by a singular moon.[1] The planet was a paradise world with verdant ground prior to its torching, but was left a barren and desolate rocky wasteland. Following Nelgenam's devastation, its atmosphere remained breathable, though the planet experienced a harsh climate, with dark skies and lightning. The devastated planet was home to wreck-weavers, arachnids that consumed metal.[2]


Paradise devastatedEdit

"The library was a depository of stories from across the galaxy, although it was thought destroyed by Nihil raiders centuries ago."
"But that's just it. It wasn't destroyed—and thanks to the coordinates I…um…liberated from the First Order, I know exactly where it is!"
―CR-8R and Emil Graf[src]

Nelgenam before it was torched by Nihil raiders.

The library that would eventually become the Lost Library of Nelgenam was constructed on the planet, leading many individuals to visit Nelgenam from parsecs away in order to view the library. However, the entire planet was torched by Nihil raiders, leaving it barren and uninhabited. The library and its location eventually became lost, and was believed to be a legend.[2]

Centuries later,[2] by 35 ABY,[3] the First Order acquired the coordinates of Nelgenam.[2] By the same time, a member of the Tarinna species, who fed on memories, came to reside on the abandoned planet.[1]


"I came to Nelgenam looking for lost adventures only to lose most of the stories I've known since I was a kid. But do you know what? It doesn't matter."
"It doesn't?"
"No, because today I made a new story with my best friends. The first of many!"
―Emil Graf and CR-8R[src]

The cartographer Emil Graf learned of the planet's existence, and stole the coordinates from the First Order, intending to visit the library. Along with the droids CR-8R and BB-00 and the Kowakian monkey-lizard Noni, Graf landed on Nelgenam in his starship, the Star Herald, entering the Lost Library of Nelgenam. Shortly after arriving, Graf and his companions were attacked by several ancient librarian droids, who had remained active long after the library itself had fallen into ruin.[2]


Emil Graf knocks over a shelf to stop the Tarinna.

After CR-8R managed to destroy the malfunctioning librarian droids, Graf intended to leave, though was distracted by the discovery of a surviving memory crystal. When Graf attempted to reach the memory crystal, he was confronted by the Tarinna, who deactivated the droids.[4] The Tarinna began to feed off of the tales Graf had heard throughout his travels, leaving the cartographer incapacitated. Noni managed to use the power from the destroyed librarian droids to revive CR-8R and BB-00, and CR-8R distracted the Tarinna with promises of more stories to feast on. The Tarinna freed Graf to pursue CR-8R, and with the help of Noni and BB-00, Graf knocked a shelf on top of the Tarinna. Graf escaped Nelgenam with his companions aboard the Star Herald, having lost his memories of numerous stories.[1]


"People came from parsecs around to lose themselves in stories."
―Emil Graf[src]

Prior to its torching by Nihil raiders, Nelgenam hosted a number of visitors from across the galaxy.[2] Long after the planet's devastation, a Tarinna resided within the Lost Library of Nelgenam, waiting to feed on individuals' memories. When Emil Graf visited the library, the Tarinna attempted to devour his memories, but was defeated with the help of Graf's companions.[1]


"And it's still here!"
"But look at the state of it! The place is little more than a ruin!"
―Emil Graf and CR-8R[src]
Lost Library of Nelgenam

The Lost Library of Nelgenam, long after the planet's devastation.

The Lost Library of Nelgenam, as it was known after the devastation of the planet, was an expansive library built on Nelgenam. It was renowned throughout the galaxy, though fell into ruin after the planet was torched. By the time that Emil Graf visited the library, much of the literature it contained had been lost. Various other structures surrounded the library prior to Nelgenam's devastation.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Nelgenam first appeared in "The Lost Stories, Part 1," a comic story written by Cavan Scott, illustrated by Derek Charm, and published in Star Wars Adventures 30 by IDW Publishing[2] on January 29, 2020.[5]


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