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"It was a very significant time for us. For us to be associated with people such as George [Lucas] was good for everybody. It made us feel like we were part of the industry. Also, from the outside, I'm sure people looking at the company were impressed, so I think it was very important that we made those kinds of connections. It certainly helped us in the early days."
―Nelvana co-founder Clive Smith[src]

Nelvana Inc. is a Canadian animation company who produced the animated segment for The Star Wars Holiday Special in 1978, and produced the Droids and Ewoks animated series from 1985-1987. Steve Chadwick worked as production assistant for these two shows.

Nelvana is also known for the feature length animated film Rock & Rule which was referenced in an image in the RPG article Star Wars Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO from Polyhedron 170.

The planet of Nelvaan was named for the company.[1]


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