"It is good sometimes to stop and reflect on the beauty of nature and the Force."

Nemo was a Jedi Master during the Jedi Civil War.[3]


An elderly Jedi at the time of the war against Darth Malak, Nemo was helpful and amiable, despite the troubles of the galaxy at large. Nemo was well informed of the local situation on Dantooine, and appeared quite friendly with the native population. He often played Pazaak in the early morning hours with Aratech employee Karal Kaar.

Revan once met with Master Nemo as he underwent retraining at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. The kind Jedi offered words of wisdom to Revan concerning his final test to become a Padawan. Also, like the Masters of the Council and Bastila, Nemo was well aware of Revan's true identity. He alluded to this when Revan commented on his rather unorthodox name. Nemo responded with "The importance you put in a name is misleading, young one. You of all people should remember that", an allusion to Revan's name change.

The Council assigned Nemo to investigate the ancient Rakatan ruins on the planet shortly before Revan returned with a redeemed Juhani. Unfortunately for Nemo, he failed to overcome the temple's defenses and was killed by one of the guardian droids. His body was later found by Revan when he entered the temple himself.



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