"I've never much liked the look of the Neo-Crusader armor - but the increased order has been useful. We might even conquer the galaxy because of it."
Mandalore the Ultimate[10]

The Neo-Crusader light armor was a type of Mandalorian armor in use during the Old Sith Wars. As it was the most common armor worn by Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders during the Mandalorian Wars, it became eventually known simply as the Neo-Crusader armor.


"I don't get why anyone would choose slavery over armor."
"Maybe it's the armor. This Neo-crusader junk rides up on a guy—and my cooling unit don't work!"
Deedoh and Gummig[4]

The Neo-Crusader light armor was a full-body armor[1] made of Mandalorian iron.[9] Despite its 42 kg of total weight, it was considered as a light armor for Mandalorian standards. This became obvious in comparison to the heavier Neo-Crusader assault armor, an upgraded Neo-Crusader light armor designed for elite shock troopers.[1] Neo-Crusader light armors had a couple of functions and attributes superior to the former variety of armors, most notably that it was much stronger and could withstand more force.[11] The light armor included a helmet with an internal comlink and could be equipped with a jetpack. The armor was sealed and included enough oxygen to provide the wearer ten hours of breathable air in the vacuum of space or any hostile environment.[1] It also had stealth field generators to allow the warrior to pass undetected by enemy soldiers.[2]


Neo-Crusader armor was designed to fit many species, like a Wookiee.

Neo-Crusader light armors were almost all identical, a consequence of the unification and uniformization of the Mandalorians in one single army during the Mandalorian Wars. Hence, it was initially seen as a heresy by some Mandalorian Crusaders who used to wear unique and very personalized armors during the Great Sith War.[2] Nevertheless, as the Mandalorians invaded the galaxy during the Mandalorian Wars, some modifications were made to the original model, designed for Humans, in order to fit the many different species that joined the Neo-Crusaders.[11]

Mandalorian Neo-Crusader armor

Three sets of Neo-Crusader armor, each suit designating a different rank.

By that time, the armor was seen in three different colors that matched the three different positions among the Neo-Crusaders. Blue was used by standard soldiers, crimson was used by Rally Masters, and the golden armor was reserved for the Field Marshals.[1] A few exceptions to this organization included the veterans, front line troops and special units such as the Mandalorian Knights who used to wear silver/grey Neo-Crusader light armors.[2]


"So many new recruits. Different species, different armors, different languages—and not enough time to learn our ways. Cassus first suggested that the similar uniforms—like the Legend of Rohlan—could help get control of a force that has grown beyond control."
―Mandalore the Ultimate[10]

Prior to the Mandalorian Wars, the Mandalorian combat suit was the type of armor favored by the Mandalorians. This lighter model of Mandalorian armor was used at the beginning of the Mandalorian Wars as well as traditional Crusader armors that were already worn by Mandalorian Crusaders during the Great Sith War.[1] By that time, Neo-Crusaders armor were still in development.[12] Later, with the rise of the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders who supplanted the Crusaders in the Mandalorian society,[1] almost every other models of armors were abandoned during the Mandalorian Wars.[2]

Mandalore The Ultimate by Darren Tan

Mandalore the Ultimate and his followers during the Mandalorian Wars.

By 3963 BBY, the Mandalorian warriors adopted almost exclusively Neo-Crusader light armors. This change towards the use of one single model of armor was initiated by Mandalore the Ultimate who unified all the Mandalorians in one single and very efficient army following a recommendation made by Cassus Fett,[2] who's also rumored to have had a hand in war production.[12] As the Mandalorian Wars raged, the populations of the defeated worlds were invited to join the Neo-Crusaders. Those who refused were forced to work in the War Forges established on many conquered worlds in order to provide armors and weapons to the new Mandalorian recruits.[1]

The Mandalorian Neo-Crusader army was finally disbanded with the defeat of the Mandalorians[2] at the Battle of Malachor and the end of the Mandalorian Wars.[1] Nevertheless, most of the Mandalorians who survived the war conserved their armor and the Neo-Crusader light armor remained the most common armor used by Mandalorians during the next several decades.[6][3] The Neo-Crusader light armor then became a typical sight among mercenaries, particularly during the Jedi Civil War.[6] During the Dark Wars, Mandalore the Preserver reunited loyal Mandalorian followers under his banner. These Mandalorians were known to wear exclusively Neo-Crusader light armors.[3]

TCW Neo-Crusader helmet

The helmet owned by Garnac during the Clone Wars.

Three centuries later, the Mandalorian Hunter armor had become the most usual model of armor worn by Mandalorian warriors.[13]

The design of the Neo-Crusader armor later inspired the armor of the Republic Senate Guards.[14] During the Clone Wars, thousands of years after the Mandalorian Wars, a Neo-Crusader helmet was kept by the Trandoshan headhunter Garnac as part of his trophy collection.[15]



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