"I don't get why anyone would choose slavery over armor."
"Maybe it's the armor. This Neo-crusader junk rides up on a guy—and my cooling unit don't work!"
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Neo-Crusader armor was a collective term referring to a type of Mandalorian armor developed sometime after the Great Sith War and in use by 3964 BBY.

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"I've never much liked the look of the Neo-Crusader armor - but the increased order has been useful. We might even conquer the galaxy because of it."
Mandalore the Ultimate[src]

Neo-Crusader armor was designed to fit many species, like this Wookiee.

It was developed sometime after the Mandalorian Wars started, and used almost exclusively by 3963 BBY due to a recommendation made by Cassus Fett, who's also rumored to have had a hand in war production.[2] By that time it was seen in four different colors on the front lines - blue, crimson, gold and silver. Blue was used by generic Neo-Crusaders, and crimson used by Rally Masters, while the golden armor was reserved for the Field Marshals. Silver was used by Neo-Crusader veterans on the front line, called Neo-Crusader Assault Armor.

The armor was seen with many different armor configurations, such as a heavier standard used for the Shock Troops. As the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders comprised many different species, different designs were employed to fit the wearer. [3]

Neo-Crusader armor had a couple of functions and attributes superior to the former variety of armors, most notably that it was much stronger and could withstand more force. [3] It also had stealth field generators to allow the warrior to pass undetected by enemy soldiers.

Three sets of Neo-Crusader armor, each suit designating a different rank

A set of armor was recovered by the Galactic Republic in the Battle of Myrkr to examine by the Ministry of Defense.[4]

The helmet owned by Garnac

A Neo-Crusader helmet was kept by the Trandoshan headhunter Garnac thousands of years later, as part of his trophy collection.[5]

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