This article is about the Neo-Crusader special forces during the Mandalorian Wars. You may be looking for traditional Mandalorian warriors, also known as shock troopers.
Neo-Crusader Shock Troopers

Neo-Crusader shock trooper during the Mandalorian Wars

"Admiral! Those uniforms!"
"I know! Neo-Crusader shock troops!"
Dallan Morvis and Saul Karath[1]

Neo-Crusader shock troopers were a specialized military unit of the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders during the Mandalorian Wars.


The Neo-Crusader shock troopers were elite Mandalorian Neo-Crusader warriors. They specialized in incursions where the nature of the battlefield was unknown, such as underground tunnels, spacecraft, and congested urban areas. Typically generic Neo-Crusaders won positions as shock troopers by impressing their Rally Masters in combat. Contrary to the rest of the Neo-Crusader army that was entirely standardized with soldiers organized in three distinct positions, shock troopers had their own hierarchy, reporting ultimately to Field Marshal Cassus Fett, second-in-command to Mandalore the Ultimate.[2]

The shock troopers were equipped with Neo-Crusader assault armors, an upgraded and heavier model of the standard Neo-Crusader light armor. This armor was customized for particular battlefield requirements and hardened for extensive extravehicular activity, allowing a full 24 hours in the vacuum of space or any other hostile environment without recharge. In addition, Neo-Crusader shock troopers were equipped with electrobinoculars, jetpacks, personal energy shields, and medpacs, and carried various weapons such as blaster rifles, vibroblades, vibrodaggers and fragmentation grenades. Cassus Fett provided to the shock troopers the best equipment available from the War Forges.[2]


Units of shock troopers were created by Mandalore the Ultimate during the Mandalorian Wars in order to fill the gap of specialized soldiers generated by the uniformization of every Mandalorian troops in one standardized army. As the population of Neo-Crusaders increased, Mandalore approved the creation of the specialized battle groups for special purposes. Hence, shock troopers were one of the early "special varieties" of Neo-Crusaders deployed in the wars.[2]

The Neo-Crusader shock troopers made their first appearance to the Republic forces during the boarding of the Republic Navy ship Courageous after the Battle of Serroco.[2] These shock troopers quickly overwhelmed the Republic troops and forced them to abandon their flagship.[1]

Following the Battle of Myrkr a set of their armor was recovered by the Galactic Republic and sent to Republic Intelligence for analysis.[3]



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