The Nephrans were a sentient crustacean species that were native to the water-rich planet Nepotis. Therm Scissorpunch was a member of this species.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Therm Scissorpunch SWCT

A Nephran named Therm Scissorpunch.

The Nephran were a species of olive green colored skin and black eyes. The Nephrans had claws, tentacles attached to their head, and clawed feet.[2]


The Nephran hailed from the water-rich planet Nepotis. Besides this not much was know about them or their homeworld.[2]

Nephrans in the galaxyEdit

Therm Scissorpunch was a male Nephran who lived during the Imperial Era. Therm was known to frequent the card tables on the planet Vandor.[2]

Mirack was a male Nephran who was part of a pirate crew lead by Grox.[4]

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