The Nephrans were a sentient crustacean species that were native to the water-rich planet Nepotis. Therm Scissorpunch was a member of this species.

Biology and appearance[]

Therm Scissorpunch SWCT

A Nephran named Therm Scissorpunch.

The Nephran were a species of olive green or orange colored skin and black eyes. The Nephrans had claws, tentacles attached to their head, and clawed feet.[2]


The Nephran hailed from the water-rich planet Nepotis. Besides this, not much was known about them or their homeworld.[2]

Nephrans in the galaxy[]

Acantha was a female Nephran who lived during the High Republic Era who was a member of the Norikus gang lead by a male Octeroid.[6] Therm Scissorpunch was a male Nephran also active during the High Republic[7] who lived into the Imperial Era. Scissorpunch was known to frequent the card tables on the planet Vandor.[2]

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One Nephran frequented the holotactics table run by Bhima Ook and Tulli Mu at Pyloon's Saloon on the planet Koboh, witnessing Jedi Knight Cal Kestis defeat several local residents at the hologame.[8]

Mirack was a male Nephran who was part of a pirate crew lead by Grox.[9]

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