Nerf-Herders Anonymous was created by Leah Mangue as two distinct databases housed in one website.

The first database encompasses nearly 7,000 Star Wars references from popular culture. Categories include: Books; Films; Radio; TV; Art; Comics; Games; Life; Magazines; Music; Sports; Theatre. It is the world's largest collection of Star Wars references.

The second is the Star Wars Actors Database which catalogues every actor within the official Star Wars realm, over 930, which include: Films, TV programs; Radio; Audio Books; Video Games. It is the largest and only Star Wars Actors Database on the planet.


Nerf-Herders Anonymous was founded in 1998 by Leah Mangue but the roots go back to 1995 when the site was but a single page with a small bit of Star Wars information and a single drawing.

The next incarnation was part of Fansites, when it was dubbed "Nerf-Herders Anonymous". When the fansites section of was closed down in 2001 there was a brief lapse in NHA's presence on the internet but in early 2002 a domain was obtained and since then Nerf-Herders Anonymous has grown considerably and rightly claims the title of The Largest Collection of Star Wars References and Star Wars Actors in the World.


Nerf-Herders Anonymous is updated on a regular basis with references and actor additions. Sections include:

  • The SWAD (Star Wars Actors Database)
  • Star Wars references in film
  • Star Wars references in TV
  • Star Wars references in other media
  • Reverse References - possible inspirations for the Star Wars universe.
  • Actor Connections - Film/TV/Theatre/Radio appearances made by two or more Star Wars actors
  • Artworks from Leah Mangue


All content updated/edited by Leah Mangue. Submissions are also made by official sources, fans, and actors alike.

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