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"Beautiful morning, isn't it, gentlemen? But then every morning in the Emperor's service is beautiful! Every ration square's the finest nerf steak! Every bunk's a featherbed!"
―Lieutenant Chiron to a group of Imperial cadets[src]

Nerf steak was steak made from the meat of a nerf. Greeting a group of raw Imperial cadets running up the hills of Lothal's Academy for Young Imperials, Lieutenant Chiron told them that every ration square was the finest nerf steak.[1]

In the Galactic Empire, it was sometimes traditional to offer a prisoner condemned to death a last meal, along with a choice of who was to bring it. When Zare Leonis was slated to executed for treason and other crimes, he sarcastically requested from Lieutenant Chiron a properly prepared nerf steak brought by a pirate captain with a fast ship for hire. Chiron unsurprisingly refused, so Leonis requested instead two jogan fruits brought by Beck Ollet.[2]

When Luke Skywalker and Nakari Kelen were flying to Fex, Skywalker attempted to make them some nerf steak, but it was barely edible. "You sure can thaw a nerf steak" was all that Kelen was able to muster in tribute to the meal.[3]


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