Chubbit nervous systems were affected by emissions from the Iron Tower.

"Atmospheric conditions on Aridus make long-range communication impossible…"
"The Iron Tower is something the Empire built to overcome that, Ben?"
"It's a gigantic power transformer and signal amplifier, Luke… totally automated. Without it… their hovertrain ore transport system couldn't function. But the ultra-strong frequency of its signals has a devastating effect on the native Chubbits… crippling their nervous systems… in time, fatally!"
―An Imperial actor portraying Ben Kenobi provides an accurate assessment of the Empire's doings on Aridus[src]

The nervous system or electro-neural system was a component in the anatomy of certain biological species.

In 22 BBY, Anakin Skywalker suggested the use of RX-200 Falchion-class assault tanks to short-circuit the the Zillo Beast's nervous system, in order to prepare it for transport to Coruscant. Although Skywalker's plan was successful,[1] the Beast broke free of its containment building and went on a rampage through Coruscant's cityscape, which only ended when Republic forces were able to kill it with Gas bombs.[2]

For members of the Chubbit species of the planet Aridus, the nervous system was vulnerable to deleterious effects effected by the Iron Tower, a signal amplifier, power transformer, and power source used by the Galactic Empire to overcome atmospheric disturbances on the planet. When subjected to the Iron Tower's emissions, the Chubbit nervous system was crippled such that an individual might fall to the ground or even die.

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