Nessin Courier & Cargo was a company located in Tonekh City on Kupoh. It was founded and owned by the Kupohan Azzur Nessin. In 0 ABY, Luke Skywalker, Nakari Kelen and the Givin Drusil Bephorin were on the run and came to Nessin for help. Nessin was not happy with the arrival of highly wanted personnel but made a deal with them to fix their ship. However, one of the employees Migg Birkhit had contacted the Galactic Empire with the information of their arrival and the Imperial Security Bureau sent the Gotal agent Barrisk Favvin to Kupoh to confirm his claim. Bephorin, though, had caught onto this and Skywalker and Kelen captured both of them. Whilst the employees continued with their ship another employee, Ruuf Waluuk, contacted the Empire as well and they blockaded the outgoing traffic from Kupoh. Skywalker, Kelen and Bephorin then prepared to flee Kupoh and as they were about to depart, Waluuk and a Devaronian mercenary killed Nessin and were soon after killed by Skywalker and Kelen before they fled the system.


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