A nest ship was a capital vessel class built by the Killik Colony during the Dark Nest Crisis to ferry their nests outside of the Utegetu Nebula.


Each ship was shaped like an egg and was approximately eight thousand meters long, dwarfing most ships in the Galactic Alliance's arsenal. Their hulls were covered with blocks of spitcrete that served as primitive heat sinks.

Nest ships were armed with illegal turbolasers and proton torpedo launchers.


Fifteen of the ships were built, and their first use saw them engaging the Alliance blockade in the Murgo Choke.

Along with thousands of dartships, the Killiks managed to get several nest ships past the blockade, and even captured the Victory-class Star Destroyer Admiral Ackbar, the flagship of Nek Bwua'tu. This act, along with the escape of several of the ships, began the Swarm War.

Four of the ships were later seen at the Battle of Tenupe.



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