"I was young. Someone I—someone convinced me that joining the Rebellion was the most worthwhile thing a person could do. She actually went and did it. I figured I could, too—the holos always talked about the Rebellion needing pilots."
―Yrica Quell, to Nath Tensent, on Nette[2]

Nette was a female resident of the Gavana Orbital space station along with her mother during the Galactic Empire's rule. She introduced the sixteen-year-old girl Yrica Quell to the Rebel Alliance by watching holovids of the fugitive Senator Mon Mothma together, and discussed joining the Rebellion with Quell. However, Nette soon departed for the Alliance and left a parting message to inform Quell, whom she had become close with. Quell thus got into the Imperial Academy for Nette, intending to receive flight training and be admitted to the Rebellion later.


"What did she tell you when she decided to join the Rebellion?"
"She didn't. We'd talked about it for a while, but she didn't announce it before she left."
―IT-O and Yrica Quell[3]

Nette convinced Yrica Quell (pictured) to try to join the Rebel Alliance.

Nette was born sometime during or after 19 BBY,[1] and eventually lived on the Gavana Orbital space station in an apartment with her mother during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Having become a fugitive of the regime[2] in 2 BBY,[1] Senator Mon Mothma broadcast holovids where she listed the Empire's crimes and encouraged viewers to fight for betterment.[2] Around the age of seventeen,[1] Nette watched the recordings in her apartment with Yrica Quell, another resident of the Gavana Orbital[2] who was a year younger than Nette,[3] the pair sitting tightly against each other.[2] The pair became close, and Quell promised everything to Nette. They discussed joining Mon Mothma's Rebel Alliance together,[3] and Nette convinced Quell to try.[2]

Nette soon departed from Gavana Orbital on her own to be involved with the Rebellion, leaving Quell with only a message informing the younger girl of her decision. Quell subsequently got into the Imperial Academy for Nette,[3] becoming part of the Imperial Navy to benefit from their flight training with the intention of defecting to the Alliance next. However, Quell ultimately chose to remain with the Empire until two weeks following the Battle of Endor[2] in 4 ABY,[4] when she deserted for the Rebellion's successor, the New Republic.[2]

In a conversation with New Republic pilot Nath Tensent, Quell spoke of how Nette had convinced her that serving in the Alliance was the most worthwhile act one could do.[2] Quell was later given mental visions of Nette by a tower on a planetoid in the Cerberon system[3] around 5 ABY.[5] In the wake of that experience, she spoke with the IT-O Interrogation Unit IT-O, a colleague of hers with whom she had been stranded following the crash of their freighter, about her relationship with Nette, as well as how the latter had left for the Rebellion without telling her.[3]

Personality and traits[]

"You were romantically involved?"
"We were teenagers. I was a year younger than her. I wouldn't elevate it to the status of romance."
"But you were close?"
"Yes, we were close."
―IT-O and Yrica Quell, on the latter's relationship with Nette[3]

A female individual with a crooked jawline, Nette grew close with Yrica Quell as teenagers on Gavana Orbital,[3] the two embracing while sat watching holovids.[2] While Nette introduced the Rebel Alliance to the younger girl[3] and convinced her to attempt joining it,[2] she ultimately chose to leave for the Rebellion unannounced, leaving only a message for Quell. Looking back as an adult on their youthful relationship, Quell declined to characterize it as a romance.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

"I don't like to interpret my own work (I prefer to leave it up to readers) but it's totally reasonable to assume Nette and Quell were romantically involved."
―Alexander Freed, on Nette and Yrica Quell's relationship[6]

Nette was first mentioned in the 2019 novel Alphabet Squadron, the first installment of the Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron trilogy written by Alexander Freed.[2] Freed was then asked on Twitter if Nette and Yrica Quell's mentioned first girlfriend were the same character. Freed responded that there was not enough evidence to say for sure that Nette was Quell's first girlfriend, but it was reasonable to assume the pair were romantically involved.[6] Nette first appeared through flashbacks in the second volume of Freed's trilogy, the 2020 novel Shadow Fall.[3]


Notes and references[]

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