The neural interface device was a technology developed by the Galactic Empire which allowed a pilot to be directly plugged into their ship. The theory was that pilots could simply think their commands and eliminate the delay caused by manual inputs. The reality was that pilots quickly became overwhelmed by all the stimuli and the technology was mostly abandoned.

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The neural interface technology was developed by top scientists within the Galactic Empire and produced during the early phases of the Rebellion. The Empire hoped to use the technology to connect Imperial pilots directly to their ships through neural implants to eliminate any delay in reaction time. The pilot would literally "think" commands, and the ship would respond without the need for manual control. The neural interface was wired into a starship's control systems, with four wires ending in gelatinous diodes that were placed on the temples and under the ears.[1]

However, the scientists testing the technology found that the interface was too overwhelming for many pilots, and were developing a sorting program to compensate when the R&D vessel they were based on was attacked by Alliance forces. The vessel was lost and left drifting. Months after the loss of the ship, a group of smugglers discovered the derelict and salvaged the technology. They sold much of their find to the Bimm merchant Glah Ubooki.[1]

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