"This base has been here since the Imperial expansion."
Marshal Carasynthia Dune[1]

The Nevarro Imperial base was constructed during the Imperial expansion on the planet Nevarro. After the fall of the Galactic Empire, the base came under the control of Gideon's Imperial remnant. Built into the side of a cliff overlooking a canyon, the base had a landing pad as well as several vehicles, including four Outland TIE fighters, a Trexler 906 Armored Marauder, and multiple 74-Z speeder bikes. It was defended by multiple Gun turrets located on top of the base.[1]

In 9 ABY,[2] Din Djarin, Carasynthia Dune, Greef Karga and a Mythrol infiltrated the base, setting the reactor to explode. They later attempted to escape the base, during their attempt, they discovered cloning cylinder which contained remnants of Doctor Pershing's failed experiments. Two scientists in the room were killed, as well as all of the base's personnel but some scout troopers and TIE pilots that pursuited the insurgents while they escaped in an Armored Marauder they obtained from the base.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

"The interior is pretty standard Imperial design language. But the outside platform and structure is based on the Eadu base from Rogue One."
―Phil Szostak, on Twitter[src]

The Imperial base appeared in "Chapter 12: The Siege" of Jon Favreau's Disney+ series The Mandalorian, directed by Carl Weathers[1] and released on November 20 2020.[3] Phil Szostak, a Lucasfilm Ltd. creative art manager and author,[4] stated on his Twitter account that the Nevarro base's outside platform was based on the Eadu base from the 2016 film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story while the interior followed the standard Imperial designs used in the Star Wars franchise.[5]



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