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"A school?"
―Din Djarin[src]

A school,[3] formerly a cantina used by the Bounty Hunters' Guild, was located in a city on the planet Nevarro. During the New Republic Era, Greef Karga gave out bounties to members of the Bounty Hunters' Guild from the cantina. The location was frequently populated by a variety of patrons.[1]

The cantina was the site where the skirmish on Nevarro began, and it was heavily damaged, albeit not destroyed, by stormtrooper firing squads and incinerator troopers—also resulting in the Client's death—before Din Djarin, Karga, and their accomplices escaped the building.[4]

At some point after Djarin left Nevarro, what remained of the cantina was converted into a school for the children of the town as Karga and his new companion, ex-rebel shock trooper Carasynthia Dune, cleaned up the town in the aftermath of the Imperial presence. When Djarin returned to Nevarro to ask his friends Karga and Dune for their help, Djarin's companion Grogu was left at the school during a lesson on geography of the galaxy while they went on a mission.[3]



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