"That's right, sir! Murder ain't a crime -- it's a duty."

Nevo was a former Imperial assassin whose team slaughtered an entire crowd of innocent bystanders while seeking their target.


Nevo and his team were slated for execution, but their sentence was commuted by Darth Vader. In hopes of capturing Abal Karda and his mysterious box, Vader hired the services of Boba Fett. Nevo and his companions were then hired to kill Fett and return the box to Vader. Nevo's companions were Fraal, Gann, and Lumus.

The gang were equipped with a fast ship and a tracking device, which they used to shadow Fett in his hunt for Karda. Unbeknown to Nevo's group, Fett was well aware that Slave I was being followed, and cornered and killed Gaan on Starstation 12 after learning the group's purpose. Undeterred by this setback, Nevo continued his pursuit and eventually caught up to Fett on Maryx Minor, where he and his entire group were killed by the infamous bounty hunter.




Nevo fights with Boba Fett.

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