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The planet Nevoota was the homeworld of the eponymous Nevoota, an insectoid, sentient species. The Nevoota species was disdainful of death and was considered one of the deadliest species in the known galaxy. The Nevoota were invaded by the Mandalorians prior to the Old Sith Wars, and over the course of a three-year war, the species was hunted to extinction. The experience proved formative for Mandalorian culture, which deified war.

Biology and appearance[]

The Nevoota were a sentient species[1] of vespid[2] who had no fear of death.[3]


The Nevoota were native to Nevoota,[1] a planet located in the Balmorra system of the Colonies Regions.[4] Prior to the Old Sith Wars, the Nevoota were considered by some to be one of the deadliest species in the galaxy.[3]

The Republic fielded a assault ship called the Nevoota Bee.

In 4024 BBY,[5] that reputation attracted the Mandalorian warrior culture, which invaded Nevoota in order to test the Mandalorian Crusaders corps against a potent foe. The Nevoota were led by a cunning warlord named Ithcharaka. Vastly outnumbering the Mandalorians, and with a disdain for death, the Nevoota resisted the Mandalorians for three years of war, before they were eventually hunted to extinction by the warrior culture in 4021 BBY.[3] The hostilities proved epochal for the Mandalorians, as it led to the deification of war in their culture.[1]

In the Clone Wars, of 22 BBY to 19 BBY, a Acclamator-class assault ship named the Nevoota Bee served the Galactic Republic and fought in the Battle of Muunilinst.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The Nevoota species was first canonized by Abel G. Peña in his article The History of the Mandalorians, which was published in Star Wars Insider 80[1] in January 2005.[6] The name Nevoota had previously been introduced to Star Wars canon by Daniel Wallace in creating the Nevoota system for The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons, published in 1998. Wallace placed Balmorra in this system, and subsequent sources have renamed it as the Balmorra system.[4]

The "Nevoota Bee" joke[]

"It never ceases to bring a smile to my face—what started as a sarcastic comment from Tom, an April Fools' Day joke from me, and an in-joke from Mike has actually evolved into a long-lost chapter of Star Wars lore."
―Rich Handley[7]

Abel Peña explained on the Jedi Council Forums that his mention of the Nevoota was a nod to the long-running "Nevoota Bee" joke.[8] The origin of this joke is that Tom Veitch, author of several Star Wars comic series, was once asked, "What is that buzzing noise in the background of A New Hope?," to which he replied, "The Nevoota Bee"—in reality, the noise was likely caused by a bad copy of the film. Unconnected to that discussion, Rich Handley, author of several Star Wars articles, made an April Fools' joke on rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc, announcing a sequel to Veitch's Star Wars: Empire's End comic series involving Emperor Palpatine being reborn in an insane clone of Chewbacca, named Palbacca.[9][7]

The final step in the joke occurred when Mike Beidler, author of the Star Wars Literature Compendium fansite, combined Veitch's and Handley's quips and listed the "Scourge of the Nevoota Bee" trilogy as a publication on his website. The fictitious trilogy of novels and accompanying fifty-part comic series was purported to be written by Veitch and Beidler, with audiobook adaptations read by Handley. The joke has since continued to circulate among the Star Wars online fan community.[9][7]



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