"You can feel the oppression of this place. The hopeless despair of the entire city."

New Adasta was the capital city of the planet Ziost, the original seat of the old Sith Empire, and a major commercial, political, and population center of the reconstituted Sith. A metropolitan city, New Adasta was constructed atop a rocky crag in the tundra of Ziost, and the city's Central District was in fact located in the cave underneath that crag. The centerpiece of the city was the People's Tower, a large skyscraper similar in design to the Imperial Citadel. During the Invasion of Ziost, the former Sith Emperor Vitiate focused a significant portion of his attention and power to New Adasta as he possessed the population of the planet.


New Adasta was constructed by the Sith sometime between the Great Hyperspace War and the Great Galactic War, during a period of Sith recolonization, when the empire reclaimed many of its holdings lost during the former conflict. Over the years, it grew into a major city, thus replacing the planet's former capital and becoming the primary Sith hub in the border regions of Imperial Space. While the new capital of the Sith Empire was now located on the jungle world of Dromund Kaas, the construction of the city restored much of the planet's former significance.

But, aside from being merely a strategic colony on the border, New Adasta was also one of the largest trade hubs in the Empire, merchants from all over flocking to the business districts throughout the town. To that end, it was revered as one of the most significant economic centers in the whole Empire, even earning the planet the nickname, "the Gateway to the Empire."

At some point, the headquarters of the Ministry of Logistics relocated to the metropolis, its minister setting up an office at the Orbital Defense Command Center, which functioned as the planetary capitol.

The city also contained the Empire's primary customs office and at least one hotel.

In 3640 BBY, SIS agent Theron Shan and Jedi Master Gnost-Dural visited the city during Operation End Game, where the former, with the help of his friend Teff'ith, succeeded in stealing a black cipher from Minister Davidge's safe in the heavily guarded Orbital Command Center. With the cipher, the Galactic Republic could easily conduct counter-espionage against Imperial Intelligence.

Behind the scenes[]

New Adasta

New Adasta first appeared in the 2012 novel The Old Republic: Annihilation. The city was never officially given a proper name, referred to only as "Ziost" in the novel. It was later featured in Game Update 3.2: Rise of the Emperor, which gave the city a proper name; Facebook posts by the Star Wars: The Old Republic official account confirmed the two as being the same by quoting Gnost-Dural's description of the city.


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