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New Alderaan was a planet in the Outer Rim Ash Worlds. It was home to thousands of former residents of Alderaan moved to after the Destruction of Alderaan by the first Death Star.


The planet was governed by the Alderaan Alliance, presumably headed by the Alderaanian Council.

It was established by the Alliance Support Services, including Lieutenant Deeve,[4] founded by the Rebel Alliance in the period preceding the Battle of Yavin.

Black Sun made an airspeeder company called New Planet Motors which turned out to be just a scam to get money from New Republic citizens.[4]

Battle of New Alderaan

The battle of New Alderaan.

The planet's location was known only to a select few top-level New Republic leaders, making it a perfect safe world. Despite their efforts, the world was devastated by Warlord Zsinj in 7 ABY, and later the forces of the revived Emperor Palpatine in 10 ABY. The New Republic reclaimed the planet after Palpatine's final death in 11 ABY.

At some point during the Galactic Civil War, Lieda Mothma recovered on New Alderaan from an unspecified injury or sickness. Jan Dodonna retired on New Alderaan, where he died of old age in 24 ABY.



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