"Humans, Morath, H'kig, Kubaz, Brigians... No one who stood in their way was spared. Not the women. Not even the children. Their bodies were incinerated."
Leia Organa Solo[src]

New Brigia was a planet in the Koornacht Cluster.


New Brigia was colonized by a small group of Brigians from Brigia about two years before the Battle of Yavin. They founded a chromite-mining operation.[3]

Yevethan PurgeEdit

"Whereas Viceroy Nil Spaar has freely and openly admitted to responsibility for grievous crimes against the inhabitants of Morning Bell, Polneye, New Brigia, Doornik Six Twenty-eight, and other legally constituted settlements in and near Koornacht Cluster. [sic] I do thereby instruct and advise Viceroy Nil Spaar and the ruling authorities of the Yevetha to immediately relinquish and withdraw from the systems you have seized, surrender any and all property confiscated, and release unharmed any and all prisoners now held."
Leia Organa Solo[src]

Its population was wiped out by the Yevetha during the Great Purge. It was the smallest of the thirteen alien settlements visited by the Yevetha in the cluster.[2]

There were many diggings and pits in the hills that mined chromite. When the Yevetha overtook the planet, they took large amounts of the metal from the ore sheds. Only after did the Yevetha leave the surface did they fire a heavy salvo into the valleys, vaporizing everything within, completely sterilizing them.[2]



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