"Fellow Sith. Citizens of the Empire. Too long the strength of the Empire has been beholden to the in-fighting of the Dark Council and the disappearance of an apathetic Emperor. Sith, children of Sith and warriors everywhere, I declare a new Empire, open to all who long for conquest, freedom from inhibition and the right to follow their passions."
―Darth Malgus declares the New Empire[1]

The New Empire was a short-lived Sith Empire established by the rogue Sith Lord Darth Malgus during the Galactic War between the reconstituted Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. The new government was created due to disgust at the True Sith Empire's policies.


Founding an empire[]

"Our survival demands a new Empire, tempered by alien alliances and strengthened by tolerance."
―Darth Malgus[1]

Beginning with the Treaty of Coruscant and the Emperor's refusal to destroy the Republic outright at the end of the Great Galactic War, Malgus had become increasingly disenchanted with his allies. Throughout the unstable peace with the Republic during the Cold War, Malgus eventually found himself disgusted with the politics and backstabbing of the Sith Empire and its ruling Dark Council.

In order to rectify what he saw as the flaws of the Empire, Malgus chose to break away and establish his own dominion. His new, 'true' empire would purify the galaxy through unrelenting warfare. Believing that many others shared his views about the state of the Empire, Malgus invited any and all members of the current Empire to join his movement. In a short time, Malgus had established a loyal army of droids, mercenaries, soldiers and Sith of a wide variety of species. With this fledgling rebellion, Malgus planned to win minor victories to test its strength, while waiting for an ideal time to strike at the galaxy and defeat both the Republic and the Empire. Eventually Malgus formed many alliances with powerful Alien factions, one of these, the Schism Collective. The Collective, in return to Malgus' gifts, decided to repay his Sith Empire with valuable scientific achievements such as incorporating the technology of the ancient Foundry into the Emperor's captured space station. They also augmented the weaponry used by Malgus's forces with Rakata devices and perfected the production of Malgus' stealth fleet.

Rise and fall[]

Darth Serevin in VossKa

Darth Serevin, one of the most prominent Sith to follow Malgus.

Malgus led his new empire to a number of early victories, capturing many areas in the Unknown Regions. But the greatest opportunity for the fledgling empire came when rumor spread that the Sith Emperor had been slain by a Jedi Knight. Unbeknownst to all but a few, it had in fact been only the Emperor's Voice that had been slain; but it was Malgus' best opportunity to unite the Sith under his leadership. Several other Sith that were waiting for the right time also joined him, leaving the Empire with the rumored death of the Sith Emperor. Malgus gained the allegiance of Darth Serevin, who became one of his closest allies. Malgus accumulated many more loyal Sith, mercenaries and the droids loyal to those in this time; many believed the Sith Empire was falling apart and in utter disrepair. Malgus declared himself the Emperor of his new faction, and vowed to crush both the Republic and the Sith disloyal to him, at Ilum. It was this act that caused Malgus to make an enemy of the Galactic Republic, the Jedi Order, the Sith Empire, and the Sith Emperor himself.

The forces loyal to Malgus found themselves attacked by Republic and Sith alike at Ilum, and Malgus' ally Darth Serevin was slain. These forces stormed both Ilum and Malgus' flagship, utterly annihilating Malgus' fledgling empire. As Malgus' forces crumbled to dust against both the Republic and Sith forces, Malgus' hopes began to vanish; the battles became total victories for the Republic and Empire. The commanders stormed Malgus' flagship and after tearing through Sith, mercenaries and droids, including the newly programmed and modified HK-47, encountered and defeated Malgus at his throne room. Thus, the New Empire was brought to an end before it could even begin.


Despite the failure of Malgus' Empire, it had a profound effect on the old Empire. The infighting brought about by the battle severely weakened the Imperial military, forcing them to look to the planet Makeb for a new energy source, and officers and enlisted personnel alike slowly became more willing to accept aliens within their ranks.



The army of the New Empire was similar to that of its counterpart the Sith Empire with it having its own Imperial Guard and its own troopers along with the PX-74 Artillery Droids. But these forces were additionally supplemented once it had revealed itself during the Battle of Ilum with forsaken Sith and a multitude of aliens that had joined which bolstered the army rather quickly in preparation with confrontations between both the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire.


The navy was consistent of vessels that were part of Operation Dark Ice which included the creation of a stealth fleet using Ilum's crystals to power the cloaking devices. With the help of the Schism Collective, a group of Anomid geniuses, they were able to complete the construction of the stealth fleet or also known as the Crystal Fleet along with outfitting the Emperor's Fortress with flux cannons. All in combination made the New Empire virtually unstoppable in space warfare allowing it to contend with both Republic and Imperial Fleets aimed against it.


Notes and references[]

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