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"Welcome aboard the Alliance flagship, the Dreadnaught we call New Hope."
Jan Ors welcomes Kyle Katarn aboard — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

The New Hope was an antique Dreadnaught that was used by the Galactic Empire as a museum. In an act of psychological warfare, it was acquired by the Rebel Alliance and served as their flagship, being the command ship of Mon Mothma.


More than six hundred meters long, the old ship was an impressive sight. Being for many years out of service it was slow and poorly armed, even though the Rebel Alliance tried to upgrade the weapons systems.[3]

The ship's corridors were busy with various beings, droids and auto carts. Crewmembers usually hated the ship's meals and most thought the worst was the dinner, although Kyle Katarn specifically hated the breakfast.[3]

The hangar bay was busy full of sights, sounds and smells. Crammed with X-wings, assault shuttles, shuttles, lifeboats, gigs, courier ships and other craft, some of them halfjunked. Noises from cutters, chains, hydrospanners and PA announcements. An overwhelming smell of fumes, paint, metal, chemicals and lubricants permeated the air.[3]

Some cabins, like the one Mon Mothma used, were built to pre-Imperial standards. The furniture in Mothma's cabin was from the previous centuries.[3]


"There's a Destroyer out there—let's give her a history lesson."
Captain Tola, during the battle in the Milagro system[2]

After its service was complete, within the first 20 years of the Galactic Empire, it was placed in orbit around Churba and served as a war museum. Sometime before 1 BBY it was later captured by the Alliance to Restore the Republic with the use of no less than four deep-space tugs, and was transferred to a top secret locations. There it was repaired and repurposed; this non-military victory made the Alliance to seem stronger. Renamed the New Hope it was sometimes used as Mon Mothma's command ship and operated thanks to the eagerness of its volunteers.[3]

In 1 BBY, after a recruiting trip on the Star of Empire, recently-defected Kyle Katarn was brought on board the ship in order to be interviewed by Mon Mothma. There Katarn learned about the existence of the Death Star and was assigned the Mission to Danuta; in the same time Ors was assigned by Mothma to spy on Katarn in case he double-crossed them. From the ship's hangar, Katarn took the Moldy Crow for the mission.[3]

It underwent another overhaul in 4 ABY.


As of 5 ABY, the New Hope's crew included Captain Tola, Chief Warrant Officer Xiong Wong, Lieutenant Commander Olifer, and "Wires." It carried a crack X-wing squadron.[2]

As of 1 BBY, the Deck Master was responsible for the hangar bay. Jes was one of the pilots.[3]



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