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The New Republic Academy[5] was a New Republic military institution that tested and trained aspiring soldiers and pilots of the New Republic.[1]


Following the Battle of Endor, the New Republic established an academy called the New Academy on the planet Chandrila.[4] The academies were known to teach various programs including flight pattern protocol and basic maintenance. Some skilled pilots were known to wash out of the academies simply because they lacked the discipline to take care of their ships.[1]

Following the Battle of Jakku in 5 ABY, the New Republic opened a new flight academy on the planet Hosnian Prime. The head instructor of the academy was the starfighter pilot Wedge Antilles. Another instructor was Norra Wexley while her son Temmin Wexley was a student there. All three were veterans of the Galactic Civil War.[2] At one point, Pade enrolled at the New Academy on Chandrila.[4]

By 28 ABY, the study programs of the Galactic Empire's academies were being reintegrated into the academies on Centrist worlds, due to the belief that the New Republic's academies were poor imitations of the Empire's system. The New Republic starfighter pilot Joph Seastriker was a known graduate of the Academy.[1]

Jothan Tiaan Jerjerrod initially enrolled at an military academy on the planet Ganthel before being sent to join Leia Organa's Resistance by the academy's commander.[3]

The farmer Julen Rakab was recruited to go into the New Republic Academy but refused to go.[5]


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