"That's a New Republic prison ship."
―The Mandalorian, to the rest of the crew[1]

The New Republic Correctional Transport, also known as the New Republic prison ship, was a type of prisoner transport used by the New Republic after the Galactic Civil War. One such transport, named Bothan-5, was boarded by a crew of mercenaries, who killed the sole organic crewmember and broke out the Twi'lek prisoner Qin.



"That's a max security transport and I'm not looking for that kinda heat."
"Well, neither are we. So just don't mess up."
―Din Djarin, and Ranzar Malk[1]

The schematics of a New Republic Correctional Transport

The New Republic Correctional Transport was a class of prison ship transport used by the New Republic Correctional Corps[3] in the years after the Galactic Civil War by 9 ABY.[4] The New Republic Correctional Transport was considered to be fortified[5] and used for maximum security. The ship's control room was located on sub-level three, and was equipped with on-board surveillance. The prison ship had fourteen compartments, evenly split between starboard and port,[1] and had four large CEC-5900hh ion engines. The four engines each had four small circles organized vertically.[2]

The transport was armed with four[1] double laser cannons,[2] with two located in the front of the ship on the port and starboard, another positioned slightly behind on a slightly elevated platform. Additionally, a fourth was situated towards the aft section of the ship, in a long and elevated platform that also had[1] the rectangular sensor dish behind it.[2]


The interior of the transport was characterized by white hallways and a gray floor. Along the sides of the hallways were holding cells used to house prisoners, and the doors were circular. The hallways had T-shaped intersections at the junctions within the ship, with lights, ventilation shafts, and control panels placed along the walls and ceiling.[1]


"Was your craft in the proximity of New Republic Correctional Transport, Bothan-Five?"
―Carson Teva, to Din Djarin[3]

The Razor Crest begins to dock with a New Republic Correctional Transport

Around 9 ABY,[4] a crew was assembled by the criminal Ranzar Malk in order to rescue a fellow associate. The Mandalorian, Din Djarin, agreed to join the crew and allow the crew to use his gunship, the Razor Crest, for the heist. Ranzar and the point-man of the team Migs Mayfeld, briefed the rest of the crew on the details of the plan, which was when Djarin learned that they were going to attack a New Republic Correctional Transport that was carrying their associate.[1]

After being convinced, the crew launched the heist and attached to one of the hull's dorsal coupling in order to infiltrate the ship. After attacking New Republic security droids and killing[1] Lieutenant[3] Lant Davan,[2] they managed to rescue[1] prisoner X-6-9-11,[2] the Twi'lek Qin. At this moment, Djarin was betrayed and locked into the ship, although he managed to escape and took down the rest of the team one by one. Djarin then returned Qin to the[1] Roost[6] space station where Ranzar was waiting.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

The New Republic Correctional Transport first appeared in "Chapter 6: The Prisoner" of Jon Favreau's live-action television show The Mandalorian, directed by Rick Famuyiwa[1] and released on December 13, 2019 on Disney+.[7] The ship-class was later identified in "Chapter 10: The Passenger," which was directed by Peyton Reed[3] and released on November 6 2020.[8]



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