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The New Republic Fifth Fleet, originally activated as the Fifth Roving Battle Group and also known as the Fifth Defense Task Force, was the first fleet of the New Republic Defense Fleet comprised entirely of New Class starships. Originally activated as a rapid reaction command, the Fifth Roving Battle Group fought under the command of General Etahn A'baht during the Black Fleet Crisis of 16 ABY, earning itself the nickname "Fighting Fifth" and assignment to full fleet status. By 19 ABY, the Fifth Fleet numbered some five hundred capital ships and thousands of starfighters in five battle groups.

In 28 ABY, the Fifth Fleet was reorganized along with the rest of the Combined Defense Forces of the New Republic, becoming the Galactic Alliance Fifth Fleet.

Operational History[]

K-wing bombers during the Battle of Doornik-319.

Originally consisting of five task forces, the Fifth Fleet was commissioned in 16 ABY as the Fifth Roving Battle Group and placed under the command of General Etahn A'baht. A'baht commanded the fleet from Intrepid. The Fifth Battle Group was activated in response to concerns that the four older fleets of the New Republic Navy had become tied down in territorial deployments and the New Republic lacked a rapid reaction force.[1] However, after its creation, the Fifth Battle Group caused a political stir among some New Republic senators who feared that it would be used as a tool of conquest.

The Fifth Battle Group saw heavy action in the Koornacht Cluster during the Black Fleet Crisis, and took losses in the Battle of Doornik-319 and subsequent Battle of N'zoth. Following the battle, the Fifth oversaw the pacification of N'zoth and the broken Duskhan League. In the aftermath of the Black Fleet Crisis, the "Fighting Fifth" was rapidly assigned full fleet status.[1]

The Fifth Fleet was joined by the New Republic Third Fleet in Admiral Ackbar's campaign against the Imperial Remnant in 18 ABY, culminating in the Battle of Anx Minor. After A'baht left the fleet, its command was taken up by his friend, Kiles L'toth. In 19 ABY, the year of peace with the Imperial Remnant and the end of the Galactic Civil War, the Fifth Fleet had been enlarged to full strength, with five hundred capital ships organized into five battle groups, with thousands of starfighters.[1]

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Fifth Fleet was initially positioned between Kothlis and Bothawui. It was tasked with the defense of important Core systems after the fall of Fondor. Following the New Republic's reformation into the Galactic Alliance, it later became the Galactic Alliance Fifth Fleet.


The Fifth Fleet, before Operation Hammerblow, contained 106 starships and was divided into five task forces of approximately twenty-one vessels each, although operational constraints caused their numbers to fluctuate. Each task force included one Nebula-class Star Destroyer or Endurance-class fleet carrier at its point, two Majestic-class heavy cruisers, two Defender-class assault carriers, four Sacheen-class escort frigates and five Warrior-class gunships. It can be assumed that a number of Agave-class pickets and at least two Hajen-class fleet tenders were also assigned to each task force.

After the disastrous Battle of Doornik-319, the Fifth Battle Group was reinforced by 133 more warships from the Third, Fourth, and Second Fleets.

In 19 ABY, the Fifth Fleet had been enlarged to full strength, with five hundred capital ships organized into five battle groups, with thousands of starfighters.[1]

Known permanent Task Forces[]

Temporary Task Forces[]

Known officers of the Fifth Fleet[]

Known ships of the Fifth Fleet[]

16 ABY[]

Before Operation Hammerblow - 106 warships

17 ABY[]

Before the Battle of N'zoth - 220 warships



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