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"At this very moment, I, my staff, and my crew are imprisoned within the planetary shield of Coruscant. We are being hounded by a battle cruiser of the Coruscant Home Fleet. We want nothing but to return to our homeworld-but Princess Leia stands in our way, denying us the freedoms to which she so glibly gives lip service."
Nil Spaar, manipulating the New Republic Senate during the Black Fleet Crisis[6]

The New Republic First Fleet, also known as the First Battle Group, was one of the major fleets of the New Republic Defense Fleet. After being assigned to the defense of the galactic capital Coruscant, it was known as the Home Guard Fleet and the Coruscant Home Fleet, or simply the Coruscant Fleet.


"The First Fleet is doing all it can, but the enemy is literally flinging their coralskippers at any target that presents itself."
Commodore Brand, during the Battle of Fondor[7]

The First Fleet campaign advances during the Galactic Civil War.

The New Republic First Fleet was one of the four original fleets of the New Republic Defense Fleet activated in 4 ABY after the Battle of Endor. Under the command of Admiral Firmus Nantz, the First Fleet fought in the New Republic liberation campaign against the Galactic Empire and Imperial Warlords.[1]

After the liberation of Coruscant in 7 ABY, the First Fleet was permanently assigned to the defense of the New Republic capital world by 8 ABY.[1] It was tasked with protecting the New Republic Provisional Council headquarters and was commanded by Admiral Hiram Drayson.[4]

During the Thrawn campaign in 9 ABY, Grand Admiral Thrawn attacked the planet Mrisst to distract the Coruscant sector fleet away from Coruscant. This strategy left Coruscant defenseless when Thrawn launched the Siege of Coruscant.[5]

In 16 ABY, the First Fleet was still stationed at Coruscant. Just before the Black Fleet Crisis, Chief of State Leia Organa Solo sent it to patrol the Thunder Alley and relieve the Second Fleet that had been on patrol the longest without home service and shipyard services.[6]

During the Almanian Uprising in 17 ABY, Dark Jedi Kueller planned to destroy the Coruscant Fleet using bombs hidden into droids slated for service aboard the fleet. However the droids were stolen by pirates and detonated in Smuggler's Run.[9][10]

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the First Fleet was stationed at Fondor to protect the strategical Fondor Shipyards following the First Battle of Obroa-skai. The fleet was present at the Battle of Fondor, where many of its ships were destroyed by the Yuuzhan Vong.[7] Later in the war, surviving ships of the New Republic First Fleet became the Galactic Alliance First Fleet.[2]

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The Home Guard Fleet was first mentioned in the Dark Force Rising Sourcebook as the New Republic fleet that defended Coruscant.[4] The novel Before the Storm later created the First Fleet and the Coruscant Home Fleet. Although the First Fleet was described as the fleet defending Coruscant, the novel did not formerly make any link between the First Fleet and the Coruscant Home Fleet.[6] Finally, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia clearly identified the First Fleet as the Coruscant home guard.[2] The Essential Guide to Warfare later confirmed that the First Fleet was permanently assigned to the defense of Coruscant after its liberation.[1]



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