"As dangerous as what we don't know are the things we "know" that aren't so."
―Unofficial motto[src]

New Republic Fleet Intelligence, also known as New Republic Naval Intelligence or New Republic Military Intelligence, was the intelligence department of the New Republic Defense Fleet. It was responsible for all intelligence matters pertaining to the Fleet, including the sequestering of classified material. One of its subdivisions was Asset Tracking, which was invaluable in the Black Fleet Crisis.

In 16 ABY, the Director of Fleet Intelligence was General Grif. Nine years later, he was replaced by Ayddar Nylykerka. Yintal was an analyst for it and worked like Nylykerka in the Yuuzhan Vong War and the Black Fleet Crisis. In 28 ABY, it was reorganized into Galactic Alliance Fleet Intelligence, in accordance with the reformation of its parent government.



New Republic Intelligence Community
Major Branches New Republic Intelligence Service · New Republic Fleet Intelligence
Command Staff Director of New Republic Intelligence · Deputy Director of Operations · Director of Fleet Intelligence
Sections of the Intelligence Service Alpha Blue · Alpha Red · Analysis Bureau · Intelligence Operations Command · Internal Security · Ongoing Investigation Division · Special Threats Division · Tactical Analysis Bureau
Sections of Fleet Intelligence Asset Tracking
Paramilitary Sections Black Force Squadron · Wraith Squadron
Personnel List of NRI Personnel
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