The New Republic Fourth Fleet was a major fleet unit of the New Republic Defense Fleet. It was presumably formed out of the Rebel Alliance Fourth Battle Fleet. Under the command of Voon Massa and then Chel Dorat, it saw significant fighting during the New Republic liberation campaign in the two years after the Battle of Endor. From 8 ABY it became a major defensive command based in Bothan Space, and fought in the last major fleet campaign of the Galactic Civil War against the Imperial Remnant in 17 ABY.

In 28 ABY, the Fourth Fleet was reorganized along with the rest of the Combined Defense Forces of the New Republic, becoming the Galactic Alliance Fourth Fleet.


After the Battle of Endor, the Fourth Fleet was placed under command of Admiral Voon Massa and operated out of Bothan Space, with the mission of liberating the Corellian Run. The fleet was victorious at Druckenwell, Milagro, Spirana and eventually captured Denon. Massa was killed at Denon but the victory allowed the New Republic to penetrate the Colonies. Voon Massa was succeeded by Admiral Chel Dorat.[1]

During the Thrawn campaign, the Fourth Fleet was deployed at Bothawui as a rapid reaction force.[2] During the 12 ABY reform of the New Republic Defense Fleet, the Fourth Fleet was reorganised around a structure of modular task forces and battle groups.[1]

During the Black Fleet Crisis, the Fourth Fleet was held back from the New Republic's campaign in the Koornacht Cluster. Towards the end of the conflict, it was dispatched to blockade Nanta-Ri.

Admiral Dif Scaur served as commander of the Fourth Fleet prior to his appointment as Director of New Republic Intelligence. Garm Bel Iblis commanded it in the 17 ABY campaign against Daala's replacement warlords in the Deep Core, defeating them at the Battle of Columus.

It later became the Galactic Alliance Fourth Fleet.



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