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This article is about the organization under the New Republic. You may be looking for the organization under the Galactic Republic.
"High Command might, might take me seriously enough to transfer someone from elsewhere on the battlefront, though it would be humiliating beyond belief—she’s still the only one with inside experience. She’s the one who’s been training the squadron to work together. We don’t have time to find someone else."
Caern Adan, to IT-O[src]

The New Republic High Command, also known as New Republic Command or simply Republic Command, was a body of officers that led the military forces of the New Republic.


Early days

Sometime following the Battle of Endor, the Alliance to Restore the Republic transitioned into the New Republic and the Alliance High Command transitioned into the New Republic High Command.[2]

Cold war

"This is the order from Republic Command, do you understand? We don't engage the First Order, we don't provoke the First Order."
―Major Lonno Deso, to Commander Poe Dameron[src]

During the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance, Republic Command, unlike the Galactic Senate, did view the First Order as a legitimate threat, but the Senate intervened and went as far as to order the Republic's armed forces not to engage the Order in combat. General Leia Organa of the Resistance sought to gather irrefutable evidence of First Order violations of the Galactic Concordance to present to Republic Command and the Senate in an effort to sway their opinion on the matter.[1]

Aiding the Resistance

"We can't retreat. New Republic Command says we have to deliver the intel to the Resistance."
―Kazuda Xiono, to his squadron[src]

Eventually, New Republic Command received intelligence that they needed to get to the Resistance, and tasked Republic pilot Kazuda Xiono and his squadron with delivering the intelligence to Commander Poe Dameron.[5]

Destruction of Hosnian system

"General, the Republic command—the entire Hosnian system—it's all—gone."
Taslin Brance, to General Leia Organa[src]

The policy of non-aggression would, however, backfire when the First Order's Starkiller Base destroyed the Hosnian system, which hosted the Republic's capital world at the time, Hosnian Prime.[6]

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