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"It is my sworn duty to provide information to the leaders of the New Republic. It is a swearing I take most seriously."
Moshene Tre[src]

The New Republic Observers were a semi-official organization sponsored by the New Republic, beginning in the closing days of the Galactic Civil War. Its purpose was to investigate potentially improper governmental activities, a role analogous to that of the Jedi Knights in the Old Republic.


Each observer was assigned to a sector of the Republic, and tasked with reporting to the Senate and the High Council any activities worth noting, especially misbehavior and corruption among local or New Republic officials. Observers were chosen very carefully by sponsoring governments, ensuring that only extremely ethical beings would join the organization. They were chosen to be as incorruptible and impartial as possible. Each Observer was assigned a sector far from their homeworld in an effort to avoid charges of favoritism, and were given strictly defined mandates. This was done partly to counter the fear that the Observers might evolve into a secret security forces similar to that used by the Empire during its reign of terror. These fears never eventuated, and the Observers became a respected organization in the New Republic.

Typically, Observers did not announce their presence, instead maintaining cover roles, such as traders, tourists, and other common occupations. Observers would reveal their true identities only to their most trusted confidants. Each observer carried a distinctive gold-filigree pin, which could be used to identify themselves.


"Those are the ones who have tonight donated their time in remembrance. Others will donate their time other nights; and as all look down upon the lights they too will remember. And all of Cejansij will strengthen in their resolve to petition the seats of power until all such wrongs are righted."
―Moshene Tre comments on a peaceful demonstration[src]

This was the case with Moshene Tre, an Observer who initiated contact with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker while on Cejansij. Tre wanted to impress upon Luke the effect the Caamas Document crisis was having on common people. He showed him a peaceful demonstration, emphasizing that the protest stemmed not from rival political factions seeking influence, but from genuine differences of opinion and a widespread desire for justice in the Galaxy.

Another effective Observer was Fulin Gor. Formerly, a law enforcement officer of the Iotran Police Force, Gor was assigned to the Corellian sector. Posing as a trader of rare woods, Gor traveled throughout the sector. His investigations included seedy Coronet City, and watching the progress of the Hunchuzuc Den on Selonia. A staunch supporter of the New Republic, he joined forces with honorable groups to fight against the Yuuzhan Vong.



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